Benefits For Rakyat From UMNO General Assembly 2012 #PAU2012

ucapan penggulungan presiden PAU2012A lot of matters were debated during UMNO General Assembly 2012 and various proposals are brought up for the consideration from the party’s top leadership.

Usually, a few of the motions or proposals debated will be applied in the Central Government in the near future or a while after further studies are made.

Despite that, all of these benefits from the assembly are diverted from the public eye as most of the focus often goes to political issues.

For that, we should go into the benefits which rakyat will get, an outcome from the assembly which was held a few days ago.

1. The loan limit of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) is raised from RM50,000.00 to RM100,000.00 to acknowledge women in the business arena.

2. Few from 240,000 Malaysians who are declared bankrupt will get a second chance when the government agrees to re-evaluate the Bankruptcy Act 1967.

3. Brigade Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) will be established to help the group in fighting for their welfare in issues such as housing, jobs and trainings.

4. Motion to establish Yayasan Tanah Wakaf 1Malaysia to standardize wakaf land administration all over the country.

5. The motion to establish Madrasah 1Malaysia which will be managed by the Education Ministry and Prime Minister’s Department and it will focus on Al-Quran teachings as well as basics of Islam.

6. Appliying medical miracles of the al-Quran as an alternative medicine in government hospitals.

7. Adding more dakwah programs through media to change negative perception on Islam and to increase the involvement of religious individuals in UMNO.

8. Transformation plan for women including increasing the effectiveness of Teman 1Azam to assist its participants get out of poverty.

9. Urging related associations who are directly involved with celebrities to advise on the ways some celebrities dress.

10. Urging GLCs to sell off subsidiaries which are not critical to be developed by qualified Bumiputera entrepreneurs.

11. Motion to establish a centre to provide consulting in matters of financing, marketing and company management.

12. To add and strengthen Micro Loan Scheme including Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (Tekun) to help rural small business owners.

13. motion to build Corporate Wakaf to add up the participation of corporate as a new instrument to generate the country’s economy.

14. Announcement on a mission to be sent to Gaza through Kelab Putera 1Malaysia (KP1M) which begins in December 5, 2012. At the same time, the assembly manages to raise RM44,270.80 for the Tabung Gaza.

15. Establishing UMNO institution to strengthen the understanding of the party’s history.

16. Proposal to establish Franchise Club in Universities to help develop more entrepreneurs.

There were a lot of motions that were brought out during the assembly, and those motions showed how UMNO really care about rakyat.

It clearly shows how different it is to be compared to the opposition where they only focus on political issues without even thinking of rakyat’s issues which clearly needs close attention.