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POLITIKBERSIH Concert Was A Catastrophe

BERSIH Concert Was A Catastrophe

Organized at Kelana Jaya Stadium, last Saturday, NGO BERSIH had organized Bersih 2.0 8T Concert as a further action towards firing up the spirit for anti-EC propaganda.

The 8T symbol refers to the eight demands which is being fought by the NGO. According to the organizers, the concert was help to express their disappointment on eight of their demands which was rejected.

The stadium officially has 25,000 seats and it could fit in 35,000 to 40,000 people if the field is used as well.

During the Bersih 2.0 8T Concert, it was clear that almost every part of the stadium was empty, both the field and seats.

Some pro-opposition media claimed that the concert was attended by 700 people, while other portals stated that only 500 people came to the concert.

Based on observation, the real number was only around 300 which 100 of them were among crews and celebrities whom attended.

Even though the numbers were different but the conclusions are all the same, the concert did not gain much attention and the number of attendance were less than a thousand.

Despite of speeches given by the Chairman of BERSIH, Ambiga Sreveneesan, and backed by A. Samad Said who spoke as well, and such huge promotions, it seems like the event still failed.

It was a bad performance considering that they had attendance at the number of around 4,000 during Ambang Merdeka and 25,000 during Bersih 3.0.

It is clear now that during the events which they held on streets, the number of their supporters seemed many only because streets are small and that it is usually surrounded by the public who simply observes the whole event.

Looking at the silence of the Concert, BERSIH would need to admit that their fight is no longer valid to rakyat.

The program is now changing to a catastrophe and it only proves that rakyat is getting themselves further from the opposition and NGOs which their their proxies.



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