Bersih GE: Australia Dubbed Ambiga As A Liar

As we get closer to the General Election, things are getting chaotic for Pakatan Rakyat, SUARAM as well as BERSIH. Despite of all the lies which they have made against BN, it is still yet to bring any significance for them. Instead, they kept on getting trapped with their own lies.

A few series of demonstrations also shows smaller and smaller amount of numbers in attendance, unlike what has been expected. Even though there were variety of themes in issues from the election system to the environment until to public themes such as democracy and the rise of rakyat, things still do not look bring for them.

Rakyat somehow gets even more annoyed with all of their actions as part of their effort to take over the country.

This matter then forces then to find other alternatives to bring back the spirit to destroy this country among their supporters.

For this, they depend on Ambiga Sreenavesan, BERSIH’s Chairman to meet up with Nick Xenophon, an Independent Senator within Australian Parliament. Ambiga was officially appointed to re-write history by asking colonizers to assist Pakatan Rakyat to take over the power of a legitimate government, which is chosen by rakyat.

The way that it can be done is by asking the Australian government to intervene with Malaysian election process on the excuse that it is not done in a clean manner.

What is certain is that with such help, Malaysia would probably pay for it by sacrificing either its religion, race economy or all of those at once.

But, it is clear that Nick Xenophone has failed to convince the Australian parliament to fulfil Ambiga’s wish. Through the debate transcript between Nick and Australia’s Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, it was clear that Nick’s argument was really weak as he proposed Ambiga and Andrew Khoo’s (BERSIH Committee Member) statements, saying that Malaysian General Election would not be fair and clean.

The argument was made based on the voting registration system, counting process, the doubt on postal voting and the ban on street demonstrations. He also raised the issue on the usage of tear gas against demonstrators as a factor to doubt the election system for this country. With that, Nick is asking Asutralia to observe Malaysia’s election.

Bob Carr then rebuted all of Nick’s arguments based on clear facts by saying that Malaysia did go through clean election where the ruling party had lost 2/3 majority during the last GE, Especially when the result of the loss in five states had led to the resignation made by former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Badawi. He also stated that even Malaysian Election Commission themselves is seriously considering to invite an outsider observer to observe the election process.

With such good argument, Australian parliament then rejected Ambiga’s wishes and dubbed it as baseless. Bob Carr even stressed that issues regarding Malaysia is under the jurisdiction of Malaysian government and Australia does not have to intervene.

Thus, if Ambiga is still wise, she should really be embarrassed of herself. After such incident, she should simply retire then continue to be known as a traitor of this country.