#BERSIH4: Déjà vu 1999?



Malaysiakini – Pro-Najib blog whacks Dr M over rally rendezvous

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been consistent in his opposition to street protests, and his administration had come down hard on supporters of his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim who vented their frustration on the streets.

But this evening, the former premier made a surprising visit to Bersih 4, with his wife Dr Siti Hasmah Ali heralding the protest as a display of people’s power.

Taking Mahathir to task over this, MyKMU.net recounted the Reformasi era as well as Anwar’s black-eye incident and questioned if the former premier has now become desperate.

“It appears that Mahathir who is called a prominent statement is now acknowledging street protests.

“What has happened? Is he so desperate to achieve his personal political agenda to topple Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak that he is willing to lower his statesman status?”

And also read MalaysiakiniThis is people’s power, says Siti Hasmah in her response to a query on what she thought of Bersih.The elderly couple have been flabbergastingly bizarre, supporting the Bersih protest, which Mahathir had previously condemned and brutally repressed. We have witnessed the ultimate height of hypocrisy. Mahathir has taken a leaf out of Lim Kit Siang’s book to (if but now necessary) make a pact with his own Devil.

I have to say there is plausibility in some pro UMNO blogs that the former PM is so mucho desperate to remove Najib for you-know-who, but ironically which indirectly tells us that Najib seems seated in his PM position rather securely if not comfortably despite the various daily poo flung against him, whether from Pakatan, Bersih, Mahathir his media mouthpieces like former NST group boss, Pak Kadir Jasin and former info minister Zam, UMNO and even a SB man (who we all know is in reality a M man).

Perhaps wily Ku Li senses this when he said I have no problem with Najib, even revealing he won’t stand in GE-14.




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