Wednesday - August 4, 2021 @ 00:54
BERITAENGLISHBeware of bogus calls

Beware of bogus calls

boguscallA couple of nights ago I received a phone call from a mysterious number with a +370 area code.

Now I know better than to call back when these calls are made. The number, which a little Googling shows originates from Lithuania, is actually part of a number of similar scams where users receive random missed calls which ring for only a short time.

The objective of the scam is to bait users to call back the number which will result in a “premium call” charge to your phone that earns the scam company big money.

So if you receive a missed call with a mysterious area code at odd hours of the night, don’t call back. These calls are usually quite persistent but never ring long enough for you to answer.



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