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BERITABN Fights For Rakyat, For The Future

BN Fights For Rakyat, For The Future

A good product would last long, even if more new products are introduced in the market. Even those new products might not be able to compete with the old. It often happens that consumers would always try new products and they would ended up going back to the old one simply because they think that the new ones are just copies.

The same thing goes to Barisan Nasional which is still standing after 55 years. Even if there were and are still multiple competitions from other parties, including new parties which tries to copy BN, they are never really as same as the original one.

The question here is, how can BN stand this long even after tons of attempts to tarnish its image were made? The answer, all because rakyat manages to see the real truth, year by year, that BN truly fights for rakyat and for the future of the country, not for the sake of certain individuals or groups.

And this is something that BN’s opponents do not please.

Most of them, only want to ‘win big’ where they could have huge power by they do not even want to really fight for rakyat. That is why a few rakyat may be fooled with their promotions, ads and their theories, but in the end, coming back to BN because BN often come up with the original products.

History has recorded how BN managed to maintain peace in a critical condition. BN managed to bring us through a few world economic crisis without even bringing much harm to rakyat.

Even today, when the world faces crisis up to the point where Greeece is bankrupt, and Spain, Portugal, Italy and Britain are in economic crisis, Malaysia is still standing with economic growth with five percent better than Europe and American region.

While people in Arab nations are busy causing riots, destroying their own lives, Malaysians do not have to go through such thing even with the fact that we are a multi-racial nation.

True, our lives may be a little tough due to the rising cost of living, but we have to admit that we are still rich, considering that rakyat, especially Muslims during Ramadan still buy a lot of food in bazaars and having iftar in hotels are still a culture.

All these would not have happened if BN has not been a good government.

Not just that, BN still provide more benefit to rakyat in various forms such as BR1M, KR1M, TR1M, 1Malaysia Clinic, benefit for Felda settlers, bonus for civil servants, duit raya for Felda people etc. All to help rakyat.

It is not too much for us to say that all the help is only to maintain the luxury that rakyat already have and not to reduce any sufferings. This is because, it seems rare for any Malaysians who gets too poor that they do not have enough to eat.

In reality, all of this could not have happened to Malaysia if it wasn’t for BN. We are convinced that our future is bright with BN because of its leaders’ commitments in servicing on the policy of For Rakyat and For The Future (Demi rakyat dan Demi Masa Depan).






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