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Barisan Nasional (BN) is leading far ahead in the campaing trail in the Kuala Besut state seat by-election as the coalition machinery comb every inch of the ground of some 30km square.

While the coalition’s candidate Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abdul Rahman practically go knocking at every door from 8.30am to evening, PAS candidate Azlan Yusof focuses more on places where there are crowd such as the Ramadhan market and other public markets.

Both candidates apparently do not get involved in nightly ceramahs where leaders of the political divide speak on issues – local and national – as they concentrate more on one-to-one meeting.

After four days of official campaigning, it is no denying that BN is leading far ahead as its operation centre gathers information on headcounts of who will vote for which party.

BN’s modus operandi is more meticulous as the one-to-one marking system it does currently may give a near accurate figure compared to PAS ‘feeling the response’ style.

BN deputy by-election director Datuk Seri Idris Jusuh expressed confidence of higher majority when met where he was walking about at Kuala Besut jetty to Pulau Perhentian, where foreign tourists gather.

“I personally think voters will not change their minds two months after the general election.

“This means we have the 2,000-odd majority in our hands and with the personalize campaign and a young qualified candidate, we should be able to increase the majority,” he said confidently.

And true to his words, PAS by-election director Datuk Husam Musa admitted BN’s election machinery was far ahead for his party to catch up.

“As we can see at present, BN is not using its full force and when they do, things will not be the same.

“Our fear is BN’s full force attack will include money politics which the locals, being poor, will not resist and PAS’s chance of making even is lost,” he added.

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