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BERITABonus Gift Triggers Anxiety Among Opposition

Bonus Gift Triggers Anxiety Among Opposition

Datuk Omar Osman- Presiden Cuepacs

The opposition is not even done politicizing all the efforts given by the government by saying that they are haram, corrupt etc., now the government has announced on the special Aidilfitri bonus with half a month pay with minimum pay with RM500 to civil servants.

Obviously, they cannot help but to get more and more anxious and at the same time, their supporters would definitely not miss the chance to take the benefit given by the government as well. The same thing happened to Felda, BR1M, TR1M, KR1M and other efforts made by the government.

We would not know whether this special bonus would receive the same fate as other aid where it would be described as ‘haram money’ which then turn into ‘rakyat money’ when opposition supporters cannot help but to have the money as well. We hope that all of PAS’s tok guru would be more consistent in coming out with fatwas so that their supporters would not be spending money that is haram.

But, if we are to argue that it is rakyat’s money through taxes, that does not mean that PAS supporters really deserve the money because we do not think that all of them even pay their taxes. What is it that PAS has ever done to contribute to generate the country’s economy and consumers?

And let’s not forget that employment and shops may not have been available if it wasn’t for BN. Just look at Kelantan which is ruled by PAS, rakyat had to migrate to BN states to find their source of income and to shop.

The fact is, government money or rakyat’s money, the money would not even exist or that it would never be distributed to rakyat if BN was not wise in administering the country. That is why we could still argue that PAS supporters do not really have the rights to take money just because they say that it is ‘rakyat’s money’.

It is clear here that the opposition cannot handle this issue where government provide benefit to rakyat. They have been trying to picture that the government is all luxurious, not wise in handling financial matters, the country would suffer bankruptcy etc. But how can they say that the country’s economy is falling when the government is actually providing money to rakyat?

Then they said that such effort would lead to this country’s economic breakdown.

Then again, the reality that we could see here is that rakyat is living in a country that is stable, harmonious and well developed, under a wise financial management system.

The government is well aware that price of goods have been increasing and it effects rakyat’s cost of living, especially for those who live in cities. Considering that the government do not have the power to control price of goods, they then took another way to handle this issue.

Small but consistent efforts are one of the ways that the government had taken and it would not lead this country towards bankruptcy and it would not involve such ‘mega budget’.

It is also a lot more practical and logical to be compared to the opposition’s promises to reduce the price of oil, dissolving tolls and to provide free education for everyone, which all could bring the country to banckruptcy within two to three years, according to experts.

And the worse part is, the opposition could only make promises which seems illogical. Whereas, the government did not just fulfilled all the promises made, it even provides more than what have been bargained, for example, this Aidilfitri bonus.

Considering that no opposition supporters would ignore this bonus, we would like to suggest that oppositon leaders should just keep quiet. They do not have to come up with fatwas or illogical arguments just for the sake of politics.







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