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The Malaysia Day letter which BN sent to primarily Chinese-educated voters in Selangor.

Brave and daring…two words that a right thinking Malaysian would say regarding Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak’s Malaysia Day letter to the Chinese – stop the confrontational approach.

In fact, it is not just the young Chinese, not all actually, who are riding on the latest trend of street protest and making demands without cdonsidering the consequences and impacts to the other Malaysians and country, but the NGOs which were domain are also standing up in confrontation aghainst the ruling government.

While the young Chinese are probably critical of the government of the day’s policies, the NGOs are being used by the opposition to stir ‘political unrest’ with wild allegations so that leaders of the government of the day are taken away from their actual job of running the country but focus on rebutting the allegations.

In a democratic country like Malaysia comprising multi-races and multi-religious, freedom has to have limitations, demands have to have considerations and protest have to have guidance.

The multi-racial and multi-religious composition of the population must be thought off carefully before taking any action – the approach should be intellectual and rational.

Confrontational approach will only reflect badly on the character of the people or groups as other Malaysians may have different interpretations and this may bring about negative reactions from them.

The government led by Najib has been very accommodative to the extent that some people perceive Najib as being a weak leader, giving in to most of the demands seemingly neglecting the people or race that truly supports and backs him without questions.

So Najib’s letter, written for Malaysia Day is considered a mild request and plea, to make those involved understand his position in that he is also a Prime Minister to all Malaysians, not just to those who make demands, many of whom are being used by the oppositions to do so.

Najib’s letter is considered brave and daring because by doing so he is open to criticisms by those who ‘love’ the confrontational approach that is aimed at destablising him and his government, putting him under duress and more so like threats.

The letter, a mild one as it appears, can be read as his honest intention to have Malaysians and the Chinese to practice a more intellectual and democratic approach, the approach of truly loyal population that respect the rule of majority.

Thus, the letter can be taken as a reminder that no one should alow himself or herself be made used of by any interested parties from within or outside the country that could damage the whole nation.



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