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Bribery Attempt For Tunku Aziz Goes To MACC

It was rumored that the Vice President of Parti Cinta Malaysia, Huan Cheng Guan had lodge a report to MACC on Lim Guan Eng’s attempt to bribe Tunku Aziz with a position and salary worth RM50,000 and oversea holidays. it was also rumored that Guan Eng tried to deny this issue and that he is pushing his cronies to save him.

Why this desperation? This is because even Karpal Singh is tired of Guan Eng and even he criticized the DAP man.

Even his father, Lim Kit Siang do not back him. Instead, he is on Tunku Aziz’s side in this. Quoting Tunku Aziz, Guan Eng cannot be trusted, he is rude and corrupt.

If Lim Kit Siang is good at teaching his kids, obviously DAP would not have to face this problem.

But, what can he do. Lim Guan Eng is a true racist and a born chauvinist. He does not know the meaning of respect, tolerance, pity, love and sincerity towards other races but his.

Writer is not sure how would Guan Eng and DAP get out of this issue. It seems that Guang Eng would have to take full responsibility.

Whatever it is, we are not surprised if this matter changes course once MACC starts its investigation.

We are certain that at that time, Karpal and Kit Siang would join together with Guan Eng and accuse Tunku Aziz as a liar. This is because DAP practices that principal where party is far more important that the truth. This is far different from BN where they would admit and take fulkl responsibility if their leaders fail to practice integrity.

With MACC as their main enemy, we are certain that this issue shifting drama would repeat itself. If previously MACC’s main witness in DAP’s bribery case, Teoh Beng Hock was found dead, it is not impossible that they might use the same tactic for this case.

Why is it so hard for DAP to take actions against leaders who committed crimes?Is it because most of the time, leaders who were involved are those who were in higher power?

This is how it is if a party practices nepotism and cronyism like DAP where only father, son, in-laws, best friends and best friends’ families are allowed to have high positions.

What is certain is that Tunku Aziz’s closure on the corruption culture is not something new. We have heard of this issue around DAP even before they rule any states.

It seems like our expectations are not illogical. This is proven when all of their leaders who ended up getting out of the party gave the same reason where they cannot handle iron-fist and corrupt behavior of DAP’s higher leaders.

Hence, DAP’s slogan, CAT – Cekap, Amanah dan Telus (Competent, Trust and Transparent) is just a joke because their real slogan has been shown a long time ago.

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