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POLITIKBuddhist Should Retain BN Government - Master Hsing Yun

Buddhist Should Retain BN Government – Master Hsing Yun

Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan Temple, the biggest temple in Taiwan back in year 1976 is now in Malaysia to attend the Buddhist Cultural and Dharma Blessing Function. he is one of the most influential monks in the world.

We are well aware that Buddhist monks are famous with their discipline and calmness. High ranking monks are always linked with their great mental abilities. A committed monk would always control their manners and language. They would never say things regular people would usually use.

That is why, the words from monks such as Master Hsing Yun should be taken as a serious message for Buddhist because they know that he would not say things without thinking of the outcome.

And this is the interesting fact which was shared by Master Hsing Yun where he advised Malaysians to never break their unity because it could weaken the country. He said, Malaysia is a good country where he even hope that he could be reincarnated as a Malaysian monk.

He also stated that cooperation between races could make Malaysia a great country. He reminded all monks to not get involved in politics although they are recommended to know the updates on it.

Master Hsing is scheduled to be celebrated in a program which is called ‘A joyful dharma evening “2012 Marvellous Malaysia–Venerable Master Hsing Yun’ at Shah Alam Stadium where 2,000 volunteers are expected to take part and more than 80,000 gifts will be distributed to the public.

This program will be able to prove how harmony Malaysia is like what was described by Master Hsing. This is not because the theme is about complimenting Malaysia, but it is because the program would actually be held in a multi-racial country where people can come in peace, without having to worry about any threat.

This is all possible thanks to a great leadership which is wise, fair and efficient. And the leadership is none other than Barisan Nasional.

With BN’s clear credibility, it is not wise for Buddhist in Malaysia to be fooled by those who kept on spreading lies saying that Malaysia is a bad country where minority are discriminated.

When it is proven that even though Buddhist are considered as minority, the society could still live in luxury and comfort, even better than the majority. They are never stopped from generating more wealth in this country. The freedom in religion allow them to organized religious programs without raising any doubt even though the official religion in this country is Islam.

Thus, all of the lies saying that the minority are being discriminated are all illusion because those things never happened.

So, Buddhist should really think about the message given by Master Hsing on the spirit of unity and cooperation which thrives under BN which has been providing us great comfort



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