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CEC DAP is ridden with money politics and racism.

CEC DAP is ridden with money politics and racism.

dinasti dalam DAP

The re-election of the DAP’s CEC was held without any incident at the One World Hotel (5 Star Hotel) in Petaling Jaya yesterday. But then again, for the observers, there are unanswered question regarding many things that can be of interest for those who understands the democracy process in an election.

The first question regarding this re-election is the source of money to be wasted by holding meetings and the election in a 5 star hotel.

The second question is the position of Lim Guan Eng who is currently dropped to the fifth place. What is his reason to continue his position as the Secretary of the party as Liew Chin Tong have more votes?

The third question is really intriguing as there are no Malays who receive enough votes to hold top post in the party. And why DAP is still trying to convince Malaysian that Zairil Khir Johari is a Malay?

The people of Malaysia knows that Zairil is not a Malay and do not have even a drop of Malay blood in him. His mother and biological father is a Chinese, and Zairil is using his step father’s name (Tan Sri Khir Johari) for political mileage. There is no reason why we should classify Zairil as a representatives for the Malay community in the DAP. Or maybe DAP has a plan to confuse the Malay race as it is seen as the DAP is giving a seat to a Malay.

The fact of the matter is, DAP is too racist and they do not accept any Malays in their party and have to pick a Chinese to represent the Malays.

Things get more interesting when Zairil himself were shocked with his victory. Zairil would know that he is not the most favourable candidates, considering that he received the lowest amount votes for the first CEC. However, the vote that he receive is staggeringly high if compared to the first CEC.

We are confident that Zairil was side lined in the earlier CEC because DAP leaders considers him as a Malay. Now after all have been said and done, we know that he is actually a Chinese and DAP delegates have no problem in voting for him.

It is clear that even if anything happen, the DAP delegates will vote according to their race.

With that, even though the DAP CEC has already over, the credibility and image of the DAP cannot be cleaned ever again.

The people of Malaysia will not forget how Lim Guan Eng never admitted that he manipulated the votes and the question of the 753 delegates who never did receive any notice before this is still unresolved. Lim Guan Eng is also said to retain his duty as the Secretary General of DAP even though the votes that he received dropped into the fifth place, the worst for any political leaders who has a big name. Zairil is a Chinese who have been promoted as a representative of the Malay race, meanwhile the meeting was held in a situation full of unnecessary waste.

The fact is, DAP are not eligible to talk or condemn BN or any other parties in Malaysia regarding trust, transparency, openness and any good moral values that DAP do not have


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