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Change In Result: Still No Malays In DAP Central Executive Committee @dapmalaysia

ahli Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Pusat DAPThe thing which we can say about the voting result for members of DAP’s central executive committee (CEC) during the party’s 16th National Congress in mid December 2012 is that this chauvinist Chinese party still love their spirit of racism.

This is proven to be true because not even a single Malay out of all eight Muslim Malay candidates managed to become part of CEC which is chosen by DAP representatives.

Meanwhile, only one Indian representative was chosen, while another two leaders who are Sikh who were chosen, are father and son, while the other 17 are Chinese leaders and four of them are family members.

Looking at the CEC’s new list, it clearly violated DAP’s propaganda which often state that the party focuses on the interest of all races and that it is committed in fighting for equality and an open policy.

Realizing the negative impact from the scenario, other than criticisms from rakyat, DAP then decided to appoint two Malay leaders as CEC’s new members including a ‘pirated’ Malay, Zairil Khir Johari.

The measure could not really help to cover DAP’s racism because the appointment of these two appointments are not from the choice of DAP members. Instead, it is seen as a desperate move which is given to mere followers and not leaders.

Due to the bad impact, DAP then broke a new record after changing their own official voting numbers just so that they could cover the original result of the election.

All of the sudden, two weeks after the election, Zairil’s name went up from 60th to 20th to show as if he is a Malay leader which is voted by DAP representatives to join CEC.

DAP’s effort to manipulate and cheat the number of votes just to bring Zairil’s name up, did not even help the party.

Just imagine how bad it would be if DAP and friends are to lead this country.

The excuse saying that Zairil was victimized during the counting process other than the mistake during transferring the election result would definitely be accepted by Malay supporters in PAS and PKR.

However, such excuses can never change rakyat’s perception on DAP, the party has always and will always be racist.

Even though Zairil is known as a Melayu Celup where he is 100% Chinese as he is the son of Christine Lim Bin Abdullah and his status to former UMNO Secretary General, Mohammad Khir Johari, is just as his stepson.

Using the name Zairil Khir Johari is just another tactic to achieve his personal interest by using his stepfather’s name, all just so he could bring up DAP’s propaganda.

The reality is in front of us, not even a single Muslim Malay was voted by majority of DAP members, because in their racist mind, Muslim Malays are never qualified to become DAP main leaders.

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