China Press: Ambiga Is Like A Scrap Metal Thief

It’s funny how Ambiga Sreevanesan is now actually getting more and more annoyed as she has to face with series of peaceful assemblies in front of her house. She and her supporters definitely never really saw this coming from rakyat.

Bottom line is, Ambiga still would not admit that those who ran their business in front of her house are among rakyat and she tried to accuse that the government or UMNO is behind all this. It is not true. Who is behind the assembly is not the issue.

The issue here is that if it is true that they are UMNO members, they are also Malaysians who have the rights to express their feelings to those who had caused loss to their businesses back in April 28.

Now it is proven that Ambiga and BERSIH’s fight is just a hypocrite where their rights are only made for the sake of Ambiga and Pakatan Rakyat. Any rakyat who do not support them do not have the rights to do the same thing as they did.

What is more interesting is when a few friends of Ambiga and those who sympathize her tried to help by giving arguments to deny rakyat’s rights to assemble in front of her house.

Few of them include A.Samad Said who asks rakyat not to harass Ambiga. Ambiga’s supporters in the cyber world also tried their best to mock the assembly, hoping that it would demotivate those vendors.

The same thing went with a Chinese newspaper, China Press where they stated that such vengeance is simply idiotic.

Yes, having a grudge may be idiotic, and BERSIH 3.0’s actions in breaking the law and rioting may not be idiotic, but it was an evil deed and it can be described as worse than being idiotic.

Because of BERSIH, the image of this country was torn apart, most local business suffered losses, and the government had to pay for the damage on public properties. All because of Ambiga.

China Press tried to argue that Ambiga should not be responsible to pay back all the losses that those vendors had suffered. Their excuse, the destruction that was caused during BERSIH 3.0 was due to government’s negligence and incompetence. So, the government is the one who should compensate them instead, not Ambiga. They added, their business space and their profit were given by the government via taxpayers’ money. Somehow we can sense the racial discrimination in the statement. Do China Press want to indiscreetly tell everyone that majority of those vendors are Malays and taxpayers are Chinese vendors?

It got funnier when China Press stated that those vendors should have been able to make more profit during BERSIH 3.0 if they are wise enough to see their chances.

Thus, why did BERSIH 3.0 choose to march around business areas that are owned by the Malays and Indians and avoid marching around Chinese business space? Is it because the Chinese had known that such assembly would cost them huge lost and that they had taken early measures to ensure that their businesses are free from any risk?

The example that they gave was that if someone fell in a drain because the cover was stolen, the government is the one who is supposed to pay for the medical cost of the victim, not the thief.

Perhaps China Press fail to realize that taxes that are paid by rakyat is used for the development of the country, not to provide compensation to clean up for those who had broken the law and created chaos. Those taxes are used to produce rakyat who would contribute to the country, not thieves, terrorists, traitor or a rebel such as Ambiga.

For that, China Press, if the drain-cover thief is caught, the thief is the one who would be ordered by the court to provide compensation to the victim.

Besides, is China Press trying to relate Ambiga with the scrap metal thief?

In the case of BERSIH 3.0, we know who the criminal is and the criminal is obviously from the legal industry, the former President of Bar Council. She was given the chance to form as assembly in a stadium where security and peace would be a guarantee. She was also informed of restricted area that the assembly cannot go to.

But, Ambiga chose to reject the safe zone and took the risk to form a march in the streets. Due to that, BERSIH supporters then began to break the law by breaking into the restricted area. All because of Ambiga’s headstrong decision, which then led to destruction of public properties and injuries of many.

Like it or not, Ambiga should hold the responsibility for what her supporters had done, as a leader with principal, attentive and integrity. It is quite embarrassing for a person who had received a few human rights awards from the West to not take any responsibility or even face the consequences of her own doing.

Does she know that as a good leader, she and her followers should hold the responsibility in each things that they had done? If she is not aware of this, then China Press might be right when they relate her to a drain-cover thief!