Chinese Cemetary On Malay Reserve Land Issue: Is Azizan Blind?

The issue of building commercial Chinese Cemetery on a Malay Reserve Land, Karangan, Kulim has been going on since 2007. It seems very easy for Dato’ Seri Azizan, as the Chief Minister to blame the government in this case.

But Azizan have to realize that because of his accusation towards the government, that was why rakyat chose to change the government and took him as the Chief Minister. And with hopes that he would do something out of it – to repair all the damages.

But, their hopes have now turned to rage. Azizan did not just stood in silence, he also made mode damage to things that was fine before. Kedah is now under a ‘coma’ and it is getting worse by the day.

The fact that extreme logging had damaged the drainage and the ecosystem, where almost all small tree were also taken down by irresponsible contractors were one of the things that Azizan had destroyed. A little while back, he said that he did not have the power to put a stop in it because the ‘damage was caused by the previous government’. Later, when the contract was renewed, Azizan seemed to be blind, pretending as if he did not know anything.

The same thing happened to Kulim Hi-Tech Park which was described as Malaysia’s own ‘Silicon Valley’ which is now ‘burning to dust’, no further investments were made except for their management team enjoying their holidays abroad without any limit. Did he even care? No, because, there is a big chance that he do not know anything about it.

Azizan’s attitude in tackling the Chinese cemetery on a Malay Reserve Land is just as same as the others, he would not do anything about it.

This controversial land lot is divided to three lots where two of them, with the space of 8 hectares are still in the status of Malay Reserve Land while another one, 76 hectares, sold to the Chinese in 1926, before the Land Act 1933 was gazetted. The land is still considered as a Malay Reserve Land. This same area is the land that will be used as a commercial Chinese cemetery and it is now under development.

Residents here had put on signs objecting the project. A peaceful assembly was also organized to raised the Chief Minister’s attention to solve the issue. They are hoping that the state government would replace the land to other areas or perhaps give the people some reasonable compensation to solve the problem. Any form of solution is welcomed, considering that there are 16,000 Malay residents at the area.

Representing a party that uses the name of Islam, Azizan’s attitude in being silent in this matter is really disappointing. The issue is not small because it revolves around religious sensitivities and culture, and that it could raise racial tension.

Citizen’s of Kedah do not have the power to solve the issue – perhaps seeking help from DAP to rationalize the matter with the developers of the project. Or perhaps Azizan is scared of facing issues that revolves around Chinese? Is it a ‘principal’ for PAS to just give up every time they have to face issues that revolve around Chinese?

Whatever it is, this should be a lesson for Kedah citizens so that they will not be cheated by PAS who brings the image of Islam, Welfare nation and in representing Malays. Not that PAS do not want to defend Malays, they are just scared, and they do not know how to do it.