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GAYA HIDUPAGAMAChristian Organizations Protests Against The Use of Allah’s Name in Bibles

Christian Organizations Protests Against The Use of Allah’s Name in Bibles

Keep Father & Son in the Bible
‘Father’ and ‘Son’ Ousted from the Trinity in New Bible Translations

My previous article on LGBT Rights asking why Islam is claimed to be backward for condemning it but not Christians for having the same stance, proved to have directed to the right group, that is ‘Malaysian Christians’. It seems that, somehow, the Malaysian Christians are not tailing the same line with the Christians abroad, especially the Christians in Christian’s majority countries, at least in these two mega religious issues, that is the Allah’s name in Bibles and the LGBT rights.

When the world is protesting against Gay or LGBT Rights, the Malaysian Christians are supporting it, if not fighting for it. Or even worse, make Islam and Islamic bodies a subject of criticism and mockery for being the loudest voice to fight against it. Of course, they don’t do this in the name of Christianity, nor they admit to being a liberal-pluralist but they are Christians as far as we can see, judging from the names and their posts or comments in the social network.

And today, the same question keeps popping out as the story of hundreds of thousands of people marching down the street in France to protest against gay rights (again) is being reported, there are three reputable Christian organizations, based in North America that has put up a public petition to stop Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Frontiers from producing Bibles with the names of Christian God (Father and Son) being incorrectly translated into Lord and Messiah or Guardian and Proxy. Also, in their Arabic translation, the word ‘Father’ was changed to ‘Allah’ which, the concerned Christians find it as unacceptable as it would be very offensive to Muslims, as well as very confusing for those newly been introduced to Christians or Islam.

Funny, that the Malaysian Christians don’t share the same sensitivity.

The issue of using the name ‘Allah’ in referring Christian’s God in the Bibles has been a boiling issue for quite some time in Malaysia. The Malaysian Christians are the ones harping for it with and even louder echo by the DAP politicians. Lim Guan Eng had then, made this an official fight of his party in his Christmas greetings which gave PAS a series of ‘black-outs’ that finally led to unending disarray.

Apparently, these filthy politicians have no respect for sacredness of any religion, not even their own. They could actually toy around and make a mess out of faiths for the sake of power. There is just no limitation in their quest for power which is seriously damaging for the humanity and society.

Because of their uncontrollable lust for power, they blinded the Christians into believing that pluralism is acceptable, or apart of Christianity. They blinded the Muslims into believing that respect towards other faith means having to kow-tow to whatever others demand of theirs, and from them. And those with little faith or faithless, have been blinded into believing that LGBT is a right acknowledged, or should be acknowledged by all faiths.

It is about time for the Muslims, the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and everybody in Malaysia to start concentrating on the demarcation line between faith and politics. If you concentrate hard enough, you would see that when the Muslims defend the name of Allah SWT from being abused, it is an issue of faith which is sacred, and not at all political. Therefore, just because you hate the Malay-Muslim government, you don’t have to betray your Christian faith just to show support to anyone who is against the government.

The fact is that, even the Christians, I mean, the true practicing Christians, the people from the churches, the leaders from the majority Christian countries don’t see DAP’s fight for the name ‘Allah’ to be used in Bible as a matter of rights – be it human rights, or the rights to practice one’s faith.

It is not a matter of rights, and it is not right – but absolutely wrong to confuse and manipulate people no matter how righteous you think your objective is. And this is a moral value taught by all faiths.

Do you now see clearly, who are the ones being blinded by hatred, who are the ones with closed mindset, and who are the biggest hypocrites?

We have heard enough of the call for the Muslims to go back to basic – the AlQuran. Perhaps, it’s time for the Christians all over the world to start calling your fellow Malaysian Christians to go back to the Bible too. “Read”, is the first word in the AlQuran, so we wouldn’t be confused of our own faith.

Read, so we don’t get manipulated by those who want us to fight against each other.



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