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BERITAENGLISHChua Jui Meng Disappointed Being 'Kicked Out' To Segamat #GE13

Chua Jui Meng Disappointed Being ‘Kicked Out’ To Segamat #GE13

jui-mengChua Jui Meng can only provide a politically correct statement where he accepts the party’s decision which ‘kicks’ him all the way to Segamat, a foreign place for him for this coming GE.

Internal source confirmed that he seems disappointed with the decision but he had to take it because even PKR leaders did not defend him.

Chua Jui Meng has been eyeing for Gelang Patah seat, according to him, he has shook hands with more than 40,000 people at the constituency. Now all of that means nothing because the area will be contested by Lim Kit Siang, the Father of the Temple where his status in PR is a lot higher than the Opposition Leader.

Chua did request for Bakri or Kulai Parliamentary seat because they are a lot safer, but it seems like all of those constituencies have been taken by DAP by force. Chua Jui Meng previously raised controversy when he clashed with Chairman of DAP Johor, Dr. Boo who also tried to be a dictator among his allies in matters of seats.

Dr. Boo finally managed to win against Chua.

However, in the end, Dr. Boo ended in disappointment when all of his efforts to defend DAP’s kiasuness were not appreciated by Lim’s family. Unable to accept such harsh reality, Dr. Boo decided to leave DAP today, along with his Deputy and Secretary. It is understood that another 5 DAP leaders will follow suit, resigning from DAP.

It seems like the greed in all parties within PR is getting more and more obvious as election draws closer, making it tough for them to focus on their operations.

However, in Chua Jui Meng’s case, he should have expected this to happen. Not that he did not know that the opposition is garbage to Barisan Nasional. All of those garbage will be thrown away from BN, and they will go to PR, including Chua himself. Chua is actually at the right place and he should not be disappointed.

What is happening actually shows how weak PR is as a coalition.

Meanwhile, as for PKR, they are not just weak, they are dead, as no one even respect Anwar. The party only seem physically operational, like a living dead.

That is why, being in PKR, Chua’s political life has actually been dead for a long time.

Rakyat, especially Segamat voters should take note from this and they should not support those zombies.

Fact is, having people jumping off from Barisan Nasional such as Chua Jui Meng, only makes BN a lot cleaner and stronger than it has ever been.

Besides that, BN do not have any issues such as ruling with an iron fist. The respect on BN leaders are also high. BN has strong stand, and a certain objective. As for now, it has been proven that BN will always keep its promise.

Thus, there should be no reason for Segamat or Johor voters to reject Bn this time around.

BN has proven to rakyat that it provides its best service for more than half a century, and now, BN gets even stronger with the absence of those who are crazy for power in PR which travels here and there begging for seats.



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