CM Anxious Over Water Disruption At Section 7, Shah Alam @Khalid_Ibrahim

After dozens of statements saying that water crisis in Selangor is just BN’s political game to weaken PR, Selangor Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Khalid Ibrahim finally get a slap in the face after his official residence suffered water disruption yesterday. Last week, a few areas in Selangor including Petaling, Klang and Section 7 Shah Alam, the area of Khalid Ibrahim’s residence, did not get any water supply.

We hope that no one would play some stupid political game by saying that UMNO intentionally disconnected the water supply at Khalid Ibrahim’s house.

The issue here is consistent with the research which was done by the central government where refinery plant can no longer cater to the drastic increased number of demand for water supply in Selangor. Even though the state has been getting heavy rain each day, the amount of water at the plant did not show any increase, instead, the water level only goes lower and lower. Now, at the near end of the rainy season, the shortage of water supply and the increasing demand for it would definitely bring us to a crisis.

Now, the things which central government has feared all these while has turn to reality and it did not just hit rakyat, even Selangor’s Chief Minister suffered the same consequences.

PR Government rejected the solution which was proposed by the central government which was through the Langat 2 project by saying that it is not the best solution and that it has a few transparency issues.

Even though they have been briefed by experts on how the decision on the proposal can be made, Selangor PR government still insist on using their own solution.

It is very sad for rakyat of Selangor because the state government still could not find any solution which is said to be better than Langat 2. Even the proposed membrane technology was proven to be impractical. Now, they are trying to look into other suggestions which would take time because each suggestions would need in-depth research.

From there, time would simply be wasted without actually making any solution.

When the fact is, the Langat 2 Project, if it goes according to schedule without any interruption from Selangor government, would have been expected to be complete by May 2014. According to earlier research, Selangor is expected to suffer shortage in water supply, about 299 million liter daily, by 2015. Through this project, water supply will be channeled to Selangor from Pahang.

However, everything which was suggested by Selangor PR government only involve processing raw water instead of increasing water supply, which is actually the real issue. This shows that they are not observant with real issues because they are playing too much politics.

Other than shortage in water supply, they also need a new plant considering that the current plant is too old and it is hard to be maintained without disrupting supplies to consumers.

Who would have thought that within PR’s excitement in politicizing water issue, Khalid Ibrahim himself had to feel how it is like to not get any water supply. He probably did not suffer for long like rakyat, but at least he gets to see the outcome of his attitude in turning everything to politics.

We are not sure whether Khalid would admit his mistake after going through a day without water. But we would not be shocked if Khalid would not take any bath for days just so that he could keep on playing his political game.

If it is true, then rakyat of Selangor would have no choice but to wait until their PR Selangor leaders cannot stand their own stench for not taking any bath, before admitting that the solution proposed by BN is the best solution.

This is because, BN would always ensure that they would provide the best for rakyat. If not, why would rakyat still choose to remain loyal to BN after all these years?