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BERITACM Ordered To Sell FGVH Shares: Kedah Do Not Know Business

CM Ordered To Sell FGVH Shares: Kedah Do Not Know Business

Just to ‘care’ for his party, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak made a statement for PKNK to ‘let go’ of their ‘luck’.

However, this is not surprising because all these while PAS do put politics in front of rakyat, or even religion.

The excuse given by Azizan was the it was a ‘technical error’ and that proves that he truly do not know anything about things that are happening within his organization, his state nor even his party, perhaps everything is just a little too late for Azizan.

Perhaps Azizan was not aware that he is the Chairman of PKNK? How can a Chairman, cum CM can miss such huge investment, RM2 million, which was done by the main organization in the state government to generate the socio-economy of the state?

How can such good decision been taken as ‘technical error’?

Actually, the error is not the share, it is Azizan himself.

Azizan probably got confused when he was asked upon this matter. This can be seen when he stated that the decision made by PKNK do not clash with PR, when the big issue here is that ‘PR rejects the Felda listing’. Thus, how can he say that there was ‘no clash’ between PKNK’s decision with PR?

Azizan also seemed to be unable to provide concrete answer when he said that he “left PKNK to consider and make the next decision including to sell off the shares”. It seems that Azizan did not get to know or do not know how to make decision and putting the burden back to PKNK. When the fact is, he is the backbone of PKNK.

There is no way that PKNK had never done any meeting without its Chairman and there is no way that the Chairman was not informed on the purchase of such controversial share. As Chairman, Azizan should have sat together with PKNK’s Chief Executive Officer to analyze FGVH’s shares before coming to any decision.

We understand that PKNK is not the only organization which is under the responsibility of Azizan but PKNK is the main organization for Kedah. So, there should be no excuse for Azizan to miss such issue especially when it involves on RM2 million deal. We are aware that Kedah’s financial state is in a chronic stage and RM2 million is quite a huge amount for the state.

Who knows what lies for Kedah, under the administration of a Chief Minister who do not know anything. Not just that they do not have projects that could generate the state’s income, they also cannot invest or make any business.

Azizan should have made the right decision for the state and its rakyat. Rakyat had chosen him to take care of them and to manage the state, not the party. Thus, he should think wisely on who should he focus more on. By putting politics in front of rakyat, and putting his own responsibility to others, Azizan himself had shown that he is not the right person to be the Chairman of PKNK or even the CM.



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