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POLITIKCompensation For ISA Detainees: Evidence That @NajibRazak Government Is Not Cruel

Compensation For ISA Detainees: Evidence That @NajibRazak Government Is Not Cruel

Pakatan Rakyat’s claim saying that the legal system is not transparent and controlled by UMNO has now been proven to be yet another lie when 5 ISA detainees (their people) had won in trial and they would be getting high compensation.

Tian Chua, Hishamudin Rais, Badrulamin khalwat, Badaruddin and Saari has been rewarded by the court with compensation worth more than RM4 million on the reason that they were detained due to political reason and not because of national security.

We respect the Judge’s decision even though we do not agree on the fact that they do not post any threat to the country’s security. We do understand that out opinions do not matter when it comes to court cases and what matter are evidence and witnesses.

Too bad, those who would be getting the compensation are part of those who are irrational.

Their detention alone was enough to make it as evidence on the point where they were irrational in accepting court’s decision when it found Anwar to be guilty. Actually, it is not wrong for us to say that these people have been around ever since Anwar’s first sodomy trial.

Since Anwar was found guilty by the court regarding the case, these people then began to criticize and spread hate messages regarding the country’s legal system and the government to the world. Saying that the government controls the court, biased judges and laws can be manipulated. Malaysia’s image was bad because of the people.

That is why, even though there did not post any threat to the country like what was said by the judge, they would still remain as liars and traitors to the country.

Logically, if courts were controlled by the government, there would be no way that Anwar would be released and these five detainees would get any compensation. But, those things did not happen. Instead, Anwar and these traitors all won and they could keep on lying to the world by tarnishing the government’s image.

So this matter clearly show that the government had and would never intervene with the legal system in this country. That is why we could see the opposition winning in a few cases and UMNO leaders could also be sentenced in other cases.

In a way, PR no longer has any credibility to keep on selling the story that the legal system is not fair as part of their strategy to bring BN down.

With that, let us all see whether these five detainees would still criticize the court after they have gotten their compensation.

If they kept on doing the same thing, then we could probably say that the Malaysian court is unfair- not because it is controlled by BN, but PR themselves because they could ensure that they would win in several cases which could provide profit to them.



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