Tuesday, June 22, 2021
POLITIKConfirmed! Sg. Selangor Reservoir Is Drying Up!

Confirmed! Sg. Selangor Reservoir Is Drying Up!

KUALA KUBU BHARU – The situation of raw water loss at Sungai Selangor Reservoir which has now gotten to the level where rakyat of the state should give serious attention.

This is due to the fact that the water level at the reservoir is getting lower even though it has been raining heavily around the Klang Valley since a few days ago.

The power of rakyat should be brought out so that we could reach the final decision regarding water crisis in Selangor.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim actually confirmed that the state is running out of raw water when he came up with ideas such as cloud seeding and membrane technology which is still yet to be proven feasible from Canada.

He just do not want to agree with the plan from the Federal Government in wanting to build Langat 2 Plant involving water transfer from Pahang.

This is clear enough to show that this is pure politics.

But, the water situation at Sungai Selangor Reservoir today is at the level had gone down with only 200.4 million cubic meter compared to 200.6 million cubic meter on October 2. This shows that despite of the heavy rains, the reservoir still lost 200,000 cubic meter worth of water.

This weird situation is a little worrying even though state government had mentioned a few times, telling rakyat that the reservoir has no problem at all.

Such sweet statement given by the leader of the state government is not the best solution for such huge catastrophe which might hit Selangor in the near future.

Mynewshub.my’s observation this evening at the reservoir once again found low reading of water level.

For the record, Sungai Selangor Reservoir channels water supply to all consumers in Klang Valley and Rawang could store raw water supply at the maximum level of 235 million cubic meter.

But, the low water level since a few months ago this year might become critical if it goes down all the way to 190 million cubic meter.

On October 2, Mynewshub.my reported that water level readings at the reservoir was at 200.6 million cubic meter.

Today however, as much as 200,000 cubic meter of water was lost from earlier reading. All within 15 days.

So, the new reading for the current level is 200.4 million cubic meter.

If we are to see this, the number might not look as much, but with the size of 600 hectares, that amount of loss is clearly a lot.

This is because water usage for 60 percent among rakyat and industries around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya increases each day.

For that, Mynewshub.my revealed the lower meter reading of water at the reservoir between October 2 and October 17, today.

Just like an article written regarding the reservoir in the blog www.kujie2.com, the blogger had attached a few pictures which shows the differences between water levels at the same reservoir between 2010 and this year.

According to the article at the blog, the blogger was shocked with what had happened to the reservoir which takes years to make it full.

Mynewshub.my also attached a few comparison pictures when water level was high at a bridge nearby orang asli’s settlement in Kampung Pertak.

Perhaps there might be a few out there who still think that this is not a huge issue and this is simply being made up.

Some might not even care on what issues the Federal Government need to rectify.

But, we need to remember that if no solutions or early preventive measures are taken, the water crisis which hit us in 1998 might just come back to haunt us.

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