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BERITAEKONOMICountry's Great Performance Proves Our Great Leadership

Country’s Great Performance Proves Our Great Leadership

Malaysia EconomyAs the global economy looks grim where the United States is currently suffering loss from its manufacturing industry as well as job opportunity, while other European countries such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain suffers heavy economic crisis. Malaysia however, is in a comfortable position with our first quarter’s Gross Domestic Product recorded 5.1%, second quarter with 5.6% and third quarter 5.2%, a lot higher than Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and even Hong Kong which recorded not more than 3% for the three quarters for this year.

Investor’s confidence towards Malaysia has been rising since we suffered the Asian economic crisis back in 1997. Even two out of all the giant companies in the world behind Facebook are companies from Malaysia, Felda Global Ventures and IHH Healthcare. Bursa Malaysia is at a high position with 1,650 points in August 2012. Dagangan Malaysia shows continuous surplus for 14 years and it kept on growing. While deficit has been low since 2009, from 6.6% to 4.5% in 2012 with reduction target of 2% in two years to come.

From 142 countries, Malaysia is at number two as the most competitive countries in Asia, 6th in Asia Pacific and 25th in the world.

Investors labeled Malaysia and Southeast Asia generally, as a safe haven from the unstable global economy. With that, Malaysia is 10th in the list of countries which are trusted by investors from 21st in 2010. This is a much better achievement to be compared to 2007 where Malaysia was in 16th.

Based on a survey ran by AMCHAM’s ASEAN Business Outlook Survey, 27% respondents stated they they want to transfer their investments from China to Malaysia within two years. According to them, the wisdom of Malaysian government in facilitating the process of foreign investment is one of the main factor to make Malaysia as investors’ number one choice.

Fact is, this positive record on Malaysia can never happened just like that. It came from the hard work of our leaders in driving our country’s economy forward. Thus, we can no longer deny that the government’s transformation program and economy which was introduced by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib is a success.

This proves that programs which covers all economic aspects are organized well and it was implemented in details and they are not just empty promises made for election campaigns.

With such great performance, having a few Malaysians still questioning the leadership of this country is really weird and illogical.

Especially when few of them are willing to the the risk of experimenting in changing the government which has already proven to have high credibility in managing the country, with Pakatan Rakyat’s government, which without shame admitted that even they are uncertain on where would they bring Malaysia.

It is not wrong if we are to say that the impact which BN leadership has brought is so big that the opposition cannot do anything to repay what the government has done. Even the PAS flags in Gaza might not be able to be there if Malaysia is not that stable, not strong enough to be able to enable PAS members to head there. Logically, if members of PAS, PKR or DAP are really suffering because of BN like how they claim, they would not have the capability to help anyone – either Palestinians, Rohingya or even their relatives to be all luxurious.

This is what BN has done for Malaysians and it has been beautifully recorded on the global economy’s record as well as the country’s history. Denying all of it is as same as lying to yourselves. Changing the government so that we can head to an uncertainty is just as same as committing suicide.

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