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PKR is in trouble from within its own rank and file and within the PR alliance. This time around, the trust within the opposition parties are brittle and volatile.

They are now probably thinking whether they could depend on each other to defeat the BN without being ‘stab at the back’ once the they won.

As it is right now, the DAP and PAS, the two parties that possess ideologies, and the only two oppositions that have gone through the political mills, are now suspicious of PKR, a new party that does not have a clear cut political ideology.

The only struggle that has been exposed loud and clear is the blind loyalty to put its de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister and those close to him as ministers and Mentri Besars.

Working together as an opposition team that can threaten BN’s position is out of question as PKR always wants to be dominant despite it is the weakest link in the PR unregistered alliance.

Despite being the weakest, it projects itself as the most significant where Anwar is held in high esteem, all because of his ability to call the crowd and his link with foreign funders and foreigners interested to see Malaysia down like majority of the Islamic nations.

DAP and PAS are also in desperate situation to defeat BN, a mission they have been attempting the past 12 general elections but without success.

Through Anwar, leaders of the two parties have in mind they could defeat the BN and take over the federal government but things do not seem smooth now despite having worked together and managed to reduced BN’s majority in the Parliament and won four states.

But this time around their relationship is laced with suspiciouns and distrust – all because PKR deputy president Azmin Ali open his mouth on Selangor MB post, deputy chief Minister 1 Penang Mansor Othman on terming Lim Guan Rng as corky and arrogant and the expose of the shadown Cabinet line-up.

So now, the three parties in PR are watching each other’s move closely, fearing someday and someplace someone from PKR would drive a knife at their backs.

Given the trouble within PKR itself where in Penang, the Chinese members are not trusting the Malay members and vice-versa after the leakage of the closed-door meeting in April, and in Selangor where there are three camps comprising MB Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin and party president Wan Azizah herself with her daughter Nurul Izzah, PAS and DAP have doubts on PKR’s capability this time around.

With suits from voters demanding the election pledges to be fulfilled, DAP and PAS would probably want to distance themselves as PKR now seems more of burden than help.

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