Friday - July 30, 2021 @ 19:00


DAP and PAS is going deeper into the ‘shit hole’ as both sides throw punches at each other over the fundamentals of the parties – the very fundamentals leaders of both parties thought they can compromise and tolerate.

Its about segregation of males and females in an event where liberal DAP think PAS should forgo Islamic principle while PAS stood its ground in upholding the religion’s guidelines.

This is only one of the many fundamentals which DAP is against PAS but due to their common objective to sit together at Putrajaya, leaders of both parties shut their minds of all the differences and try to work together or seen to be working together – in Malay it is called menyamar and English call it pretending.

Either way, both the parties that are now the strongest in the unregistered alliance called Pakatan Rakyat (PR) continue to pretend that nothing is happening and whatever resentment DAP has against PAS, Karpal is there to voice them.

The spat between PAS and DAP is not new where PAS will continue to pursue the creation of an Islamic state whether DAP follows or not and DAP is all out against this whether PAS likes it or not.

And yet leaders of both parties – minus Karpal Singh of course – still put up a united front, showing to Malaysian public that they are of one heart, one mind, one soul and whatever one except One Malaysia, but behind the scene DAP big guns Lim Kit Siang and son Guan Eng used Karpal to hit out at PAS.

PAS’ makes no secret about its objective and the party leadership, pressured from within by the liberals and outside by DAP, continue to maintain its cool and ignoring all Karpal’s brunts.

PAS leaders know Karpal is only a tool used by Kit Siang and Guan Eng to voice any disagreement in public and thus, the Islamic party just leave it to its small-time leaders to handle Karpal.

The recent open house in Seremban organized by Negri Sembilan PAS is an exact out look of one of PAS’s fundamentalism principles – men and women should not mix freely unless it is very necessary – has got Karpal or rather the DAP worked up.

DAP, known to be chauvinistic and also anti-Islam on certain matters, is damned pissed-off with PAS’ actions and of course as usual, Karpal is the one put up as the front to bash PAS.

And as usual PAS left it to its state leaders to deal with Karpal, a big timer in DAP – see how PAS ridicule Karpal or indirectly – and the party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang or the secretary-general Datuk Mustapa Ali did not even speak a word.

Karpal’s level should be Hadi or Mustapa but all this while Karpal has been given lower rung party leaders as ‘sparring partners’.

In short PAS seems to be just ‘toying around’ just like it did with its former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa where DAP and PKR thought PAS would get rid of him as he has been a ‘pain in the neck’ but apparently PAS keeps him

Now DAP and PKR wait anxiously what Nasharuddin is going to do that can affect them and their relationship with PAS, the only party DAP and PKR hope to bring in solid support for their opposition front.



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