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BERITAENGLISHDAP CEC Issue: PR Has No Rights To Question EC

DAP CEC Issue: PR Has No Rights To Question EC

kongres DAP Kebangsaan salon kelantanDAP is famous for their rudeness in blaming the government over anything which they deem as corrupt, dirty or wrong. At the same time, they promote PR, especially their own party, as a party which holds onto good values which are not practiced by BN government.

Thus, the slogan Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) is used an administration symbol of the party in Penang. As if the administration of Chinese are cleaner and professional to be compared to the ways Malays manage. And as if the Chinese are smarter and dignified than Malays. That is what DAP has been telling their kids since they were first established.

For DAP, if some Malays are successful or rich, it is because the parents or grandparents are corrupt. Or because they have relationship with the royals or important figures in the country. That Malays studying in Public Universities are not really smart, but they got the chance to study thanks to the quota system.

However, having the experience of being in the private industry for years only shows that the reason why Chinese get to be successful is because of cronyism. Generally, private sector in Malaysia uses racist system where it limits the number of high position for those who are not Chinese, Malays especially, where they will only be posted at certain levels and departments. While for their race, even if they do not have any credibility, they would still be given huge chance for promotion and bigger salary.

The proof can be seen within DAP where a person who only passes SPM is appointed as Strategic Director of Elections that it causes confusion in votes. As for administrating the state, we found that DAP fail to prepare the right presentation regarding its mega project in Penang which led to multiple calculation mistakes which is just irrelevant. Exposes done by a few sides showed that the projects were awarded in a non-transparent manner that some even decided to resign from their post.

The seat distribution for the party itself also showed bad performance in this kiasu Chinese party. Because of those seats too, we saw a few DAP leaders resigned despite of the coming GE.

All of this only proves that DAP is not as smart as they think they are. Moreover, DAP is not transparent, competent nor accountable. Their iron fist attitude gets too obvious, especially as GE draws closer. Not enough with rejecting democracy and boycotting the media, DAP even denied the rights of expression among the party’s own members.

The interesting part about this has to be the fact that DAP could not even defend themselves when their bad performance regarding the CEC election. Between confessing that they are not transparent or stupid, DAP chose to admit that they are stupid, on the excuse that they do not know how to use computer.

Such action only shows that DAP is both stupid and not transparent.

This issue was then brought to Registrar of Societies (ROS) by DAP members themselves.

Now, DAP can no longer run anywhere. Today, it is reported that Lim Guan Eng did not dare to hand over the list of 753 representatives who did not receive the letter to attend the party’s 16th National Congress which enables them to vote to ROS.

DAP is aware that they cannot run from the charge of not being transparent as well as their bad performance. That is why, they earlier described that they would use their ally’s symbol if the party is revoked by ROS.

To repair the situation, the revocation, if it happens, can be used as bullet to shoot BN, as if BN is scared of DAP.

However, we are certain that rakyat cannot be easily fooled by DAP. We are used to DAP’s tactics, each time they slip up, they will shift the topic to another issue so that people would forget their mistake. For example, the issue of Teoh Beng Hock where the case revolve around DAP corruption case, but it was shifted to a case of MACC’s inefficiency in protecting witness.

We are convinced that DAP will do the same thing for this CEC case, turning the story to ‘BN is scared of DAP’ which forces ROS to revoke the party. The thing is, the real case is about DAP not being transparent, inefficient and stupid for lying, manipulating and denying the rights of its own members.

This should be taken as a lesson for those who want to choose their government. Lets ask ourselves, are we willing to have a government such as DAP? Just imagine, if they are willing to step on their own members, what would happen to rakyat, to other races, Malays especially?

In this matter, where is DAP’s credibility, or even PR, to question the integrity of others, especially EC? If they cannot even perform their party election in transparent and precise, how can they question EC?

Based on what has happened, it is proven that BERSIH demonstration which has been promoted by PR and it always ends with injuries, destruction and loss, does not mean a thing.




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