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DAP Congress: DAP Need To Beat #PAS Before Knocking BN Out – #ABCD-Asal Bukan Cina DAP @dapmalaysia

nik-aziz-lim-kit-siang-dapasDAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) and DAP Women is now held in conjunction of DAP National Congress which is scheduled to be held in December 15 and 16. This congress would be their last congress before the coming 13th General Election. Thus, we are expecting a great congress, just like how Muktamar PAS and UMNO General Assembly (PAU) where the number of attendance were just huge. Muktamar PAS showed how members had to queue up just to get to the toilet which PAU as usual caused heavy traffic congestion not just on the road, even the hall was filled with people where even walking from a point to another seemed impossible.

But, the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) and DAP Women congress seems a bit different. Chinese newspapers raised this matter and few of them reported that the number of attendance for DAP Women is only at 33.8% even though that is their first meeting. While the attendance for DAPSY was only at 53%.

Denying the matter only shows an early sign that DAP is having an issue, their leaders gave the excuse that small attendance is just a normal matter for the party and it does not mean that they are getting weaker. Even a political watchdog, Ng Whien Chin, mentioned that the matter would not deter DAP’s chance to maintain their power in Penang based on the fact that most rakyat in Penang still favor DAP over BN that they are willing to just ignore all of DAP’s weaknesses and wrong doings.

What was mentioned by Ng proved that DAP only rely on the strategy to spread hate towards BN so that they could remain in power. Or to be more clear, all these while, DAP has only been playing the emotional game with rakyat, raising racist matters and prejudice towards the government which is being led by Malays.

DAP hopes that rakyat would be filled with hate that they can no longer be rational. When this happens, all of the party’s negative actions will never be questioned, making them invincible.

Ng’s observation is true if it is a few years back. But, it is a bit false if we are to see it in this current situation. Perhaps Ng should should think again, how can rakyat hate BN only because DAP told them to when BN kept on giving them good service?

The peaceful and luxurious life which the Chinese gets to live is all due to BN’s great management. There is no way that the Chinese could be where they are today if BN which is led by UMNO is weak, corrupt, stupid, lazy and unjust.

That is why, to beat BN, DAP would need to prove that their party is far bettwem transparent, democratic and more fair than BN. It is quite sad that rakyat manages to see how DAP, led by Lim Dynasty as well as Singh and how freedom of press was even violated only because they criticized DAP. and how crual Lim Dynasty is when they simply sack their members and DAp leaders only because they criticized his actions and decisions.

DAP is also not embarrassed when they dedicate their party’s official website for Teoh Beng Hock, forgetting that the death of Teoh was triggered from a corruption investigation involving one of DAP leaders. When the fat is, DAP was very happy for his death because he was one of the main witnesses and his death somehow really slowed down the investigation. That is why, for those who sees the dedication as something good from DAP, they have definitely been surrounded by hate against BN where they cannot think rationally anymore.

Despite that, we believe that DAP members are beginning to see all that and the process is slowly growing from the party and even to rakyat. The evidence, the low attendance rate at the congress.

To gain back the attention of their members, DAP cannot hide the clash of opinions among their allies in PR in this congress. They do not have any other choice but to talk about the issue of hudud, Islamic state as well as who would become the next Prime Minister.

We need to remember that PAS has vowed to continue with their agenda during their recent Muktamar which was attended by thousands of their supporters, a great slap in the face for DAP. For that, DAP need to show PAS who’s boss and who is the slave in the coalition, or the party will lose its votes in the coming GE. This is because, DAP’s Chinese supporters cannot sit under or at the same level as PAS, PKR or just about any other races out there.

DAP should accept the fact that the strategy of spreading hate messages on UMNO/BN is irrelevant and it is not enough to maintain their power in Penang.

Perhaps, DAP’s congress should focus on how to bring PAS down, before going against BN in the election.



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