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BERITAENGLISHDAP Deputy Chairman Is A Liar - Janice Lee

DAP Deputy Chairman Is A Liar – Janice Lee


Janice LeeDespite of its shouts on freedom of media, freedom of expression and human rights, DAP clearly do not practice any of the things they say they are. Issues hitting the party clearly show that DAP can no longer hide that they are unjust, iron-fist and racist.

These sort of attitude is the reason why a lot of members and leaders of DAP began to jump away from the party as election draws closer. With most of them giving the excuse that DAP is all iron fist, and that Lim’s family is arrogant and they do not respect anyone including members and lower leaders of the party.

Perhaps not having any channels to complain, DAP’s disappointed leaders decided to express this matter to mainstream media. The leaders include Janice Lee, Teratai Assembly seat holder who is now contesting on independent ticket after her name was dropped by DAP. DAP’s excuse for dropping her is due to the allegation that she embezzled funds. Janice denied the allegation through newspaper, New Straits Times. She then made the decision to contest as Independent candidate.

Janice;s excuse, the deposit for the candidacy came from the donations made by Teratai residents’ committee and she bears the responsibility of the residents’ hope to keep on contesting.

From there, she is sacked and DAP deemed her actions of defending herself through mainstream media as act of betrayal. However, Janice’s case did not stop there and it is now getting more complicated than it is supposed to be.

Yesterday, Chairman of DAP’s disciplinary board, Tan Kok Wai was reported by Guong Ming Daily to have made three allegations against Janice, misuse of funds, abuse of power in handling the issue of retaining wall at Taman Seraya as well as criticizing the disciplinary board openly.

Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press in the other hand reported that Janice is challenging Tan Kok Wai to show all the evidence for his allegations. Janice also described DAP Deputy Chairman, Tan Seng Giaw as a liar.

Janice said, she has never misuse money or power while she was on duty and she believe that it is not impossible that DAP dropped and sacked her because of her perseverance in defending multi-racial rakyat at her DUN.

According to Janice, she is outspoken in defending Indians at her assembly and that might be the reason why leadership is not happy with her. Janice also did not have any doubt to question CEC election issue as well as the ways DAP handled the issue with ROS.

She reminded DAP leadership to clean themselves up first before blaming others.

We respect Janice’s stand in this matter and hope to have mature and rational opposition such as her to help this country to be more prosperous. Sadly, leaders such as Janice would not last long in the opposition because the current opposition in Malaysia do not like leaders who are mature, clean and outspoken.

PKR is controlled by Anwar’s family who also practices the same approach, iron fist, that party election and nomination of candidates became chaotic. PAS in the other hand, is controlled by outdated pagan era ‘scholars’, before Islam came.

While DAP, as how Janice now see, is a Lim’s family party which drives Chinese supremacy that is so strong that they reject anything that has to do with racial unity. This is a fact known since the party was first established. Thus, we are a bit surprised that Janice took a while to see this.

Whatever it is, it is a good thing that Janice’s name is dropped, if not, she might still see DAP as a perfect party.



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