Friday - August 6, 2021 @ 04:43

DAP Is PAS’s Tool

DAP has been portrayed by its leaders as a tough party. For that, it’s been labeled as chauvinist or ‘kiasu’ by the Malays. The leaders are known to be vocal and straightforward and even heartless at some points. Its principle is never shattered, but remains strong and firm.

Still, we are skeptical whether these traits can guarantee that DAP will be able to shape Malaysia its way, when the party finally has the power?

The hard-truth remains that DAP needs PAS and PKR to get to power. The hard-truth also remains that DAP and PAS can never see eye to eye.

For a while, DAP may thought that they have ‘subdued’ PAS to the extent that PAS agreed to forego their principles and objectives of forming an Islamic Country.

Unfortunately, for DAP, PAS was just playing politics, as usual, even with its alliance.

Now, just as the General Election is approaching, PAS has made it clear to tall, including DAP, that it will never forego of its original plan of creating an Islamic Country. This, was the reason the party existed and without it, PAS might as well cease to exist too.

And so, PAS lied to DAP but what’s new?

As arrogant as DAP may act or react on this matter, DAP is forced to think over the statement made by PAS’s Secretary General, Datuk Mustafa Ali yesterday that no matter how many seats PAS gets in the election, the party will remain as the backbone of Pakatan Rakyat.

Now, does DAP has the bone to rebut that?

The truth is DAP needs PAS more than PAS needs DAP. Malays are the majority in this country and should PAS choose to be with the establishment rather than with DAP, DAP would be left with nothing which confirms Mustafa’s statement about PAS being the backbone of PR. And you know what they say about Malays in politics:- ‘never underestimate Malays in politics as it’s in their blood’.

Malays and Islam is considered as one, and we all know that Muslims at any time, would die protecting Islam. PAS may not be that smart but they are Muslims. Therefore, for DAP to believe that PAS would forego their Islamic objective for the sake of their ‘partnership’, makes DAP nothing but ‘bloody-fools’.

PAS is just using DAP to get to power and for that, it would condone or even obey DAP if necessary. But once the power is in hand be a hundred percent sure that PR would be paralyzed without its backbone (PAS) and DAP would not even be able to move without PAS’s consent.

Should DAP continue to be arrogant, loud, vocal or chauvinistic at that time, bear in mind that PAS could retaliate in harsh or even in an unthinkable way, that is amok. This is not impossible when the Muslims saw that ‘Islam’ is at stake.

So, we all should just accept the fact that DAP and PAS is a marriage made in hell. It will never-ever-ever work out. Should they come to power, they will definitely make Malaysia a living hell too. That, I can promise you.



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