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DAP Listed 30 Ministers, Deputy Ministers #ABCD-Asal Bukan Cina DAP


During PKR Leaders’ Meeting 2012 which was held at Shah Alam Convention Centre recently, PKR’s General Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had announced that 20 PKR senior leaders would be expected to fill the list of Ministers or the Central Government if the PR manages to win Putrajaya in the coming GE13.

However, the list of names were never really mentioned but according to PKR Selangor’s Information Chief, Shuhaimi Shafiei, a few senior leaders might be taken as Ministers and Deputy Ministers, following the culture which exists in the hierarchy of political leadership in this country, besides providing chance to potential party members.

The announcement, as expected, was criticized by DAP because it has never been discussed at all in any of Pakatan Rakyat’s meetings.

The reason behind this is because DAP themselves had listed 30 of its leaders and party members to fill up the Minister and Deputy Ministers’ posts if Putrajaya goes to them. But, this matter is still yet to be brought forward to PR’s meeting considering that Anwar is still yet to set any special agenda to discuss the matter.

What is more interesting is that PAS’s internal sources also told that PAS themselves had listed 30 of their leaders and party members to be mentioned during PR’s meeting as Ministers and Deputy Ministers if PR goes to Putrajaya.

It seems that PR’s allies each ‘have’ their own future Ministers and Deputy Ministers which they would elect without revealing any information to one another. That is why PR still fail to determine their ‘shadow’ which should be listed in their ‘Shadow Cabinet’ up until now.

The real problem behind this is because making a shadow cabinet does not just require looking for suitable candidates, it also requires mutual agreement from all sides from every allies.

Anwar as PM might not be able to announce three separate cabinets because it would make administrating this country impossible. Thus, Anwar has no other choice but to consider all names which are listed by all parties for cabinet posts.

If this happens, then PR’s cabinet would definitely be the biggest cabinet in history as they would have at least 80 Ministers and Deputy Ministers. It would also be recorded as the most wasteful cabinet in history.

With too many Ministers, Anwar might just be able to ‘create’ various new portfolios or break each portfolios into different segments. For example, there might not be Minister of Transport. Instead, there would be Minister of Cars, Minister of Planes, Minister of Motorcycles or Minister of Private Jets.

Perhaps that is the only logical solution for Anwar to ensure that the opposition coalition would not fight against one another when they lead this country.

Despite that, this is not the real problem for PR. Their real problem is on how to deal with their future Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim who seems to rule with an iron fist.

Just look at how Anwar announced 20 Ministers from PKR without even discussing the matter with DAP nor PAS. Anwar seemed to have ‘forgotten’ about his responsibility to gain mutual agreement among his allies.

Just imagine how would it be once he becomes the Prime Minister. Perhaps PAS would not have any other choice but to listen and follow all of Anwar’s orders considering that 90% of the party’s leadership is influence by Anwarinas.

But, how can DAP be confident that Anwar is under their spell?

Are they certain that Anwar would follow their orders? Do they have Anwar’s deepest secret that they would control him? Don’t they know that Anwar’s deepest secret has already been revealed to the world? For that, does the secret still has some extortion value?

The fact is, PR’s struggle to prepare their Shadow Cabinet would make it easier for rakyat to see how it would be if the opposition are to become the government; everything would be messy with so too many Ministers and many would become ‘pets’ to the Prime Minister with iron fist.

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