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Anwar-Lim-Guan-EngPenang DAP is wooing the Malays given the state PKR is facing a fast decline in support from the community in the state.

Distrusting PKR in getting the Malay votes given the state the party is in at present, Lim Guan Eng appointed a woman, the second woman as district officer to replace the one who is presently under corruption probe.

Attempts to win the Malay hearts and minds are an ongoing exercise in DAP as the party continues to try…really trying hard…to open its doors to Malays but of course, not in the truly democratic way.

The recent ‘mistakes’ in the party election result was just a way to get a Malay into the leadership line-up and the party could not care less what others think of that.

Many calls are being made for the party to hold a fresh election and so on but these calls are indeed unnecessary because DAP is not going to follow what others think.

Now with the corruption case pending, the party has more reason not to trust PKR’s credibility in wooing the Malay votes and thus, Guan Eng’s action in a Malay woman as district officer can soften the ‘blow’ a little.

Malays, especially Penang Malays, are quite soft as they experience the new administration, the subtle approach that ‘cuts their balls without them feeling it’ as they see Guan Eng giving some leeway for Malays.

Knowing Malays are psychologically highly politicized, Guan Eng introduce elections for mosque and suraus committees, provided higher grants for mosques and suraus and other things that attract the Malay minds and hearts.

So the corruption case involving Deputy Chief Minister’s aide will further erodes PKR’s ability to sustain its position and influence among Malay voters but for DAP, this is a blessing in disguise.

The case will give the DAP more leverage to act, sideling PKR as the case is evidence of PKR’s sloppiness and carelessness.

The case will now place PKR at the lowest rung of the three parties in the opposition alliance but still, DAP would want Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister because he is the only Malay that will sell everything to be at that post.

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