Sunday - July 25, 2021 @ 16:23


The oppositions particularly the DAP are acting as though they are Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s boss – demanding this and that – with the blackmail tone that Najib would lose votes if he does not follow what they want.

They are acting as though Najib is under threat in every aspect and in everything and Najib is now vulnerable to the slightest of threats – they feel Najib is desperate for the Chinese votes.

Given their assumption, they threatened Najib with many things and the latest is Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud must go before the general election or else Najib would lose Sarawak.

Taib has been their target since before the state elections in early 2011because of his hold over Sarawak.

Taib has been Sarawak’s backbone for more than 20 years – uniting the Malays and many tribes while giving the Chinese more economic opportunities and proud to be Sarawakians.

Taib’s hold on Sarawak is extensive and firm that make the oppositions envious because they cannot penetrate until rrecently when DAP moved in with the racial card – that Chinese must attempt to unseat Taib.

The reason is simple – Sarawak is a wealthy state with all the natural resources including oil and the fact that these wealth is not monopolized by Chinese, then Taib must go.

Taib is seen as the obstacles to the Chinese monopolizing the economy in the state and as such, allegations of Taib collecting the state’s wealth arose – politics is a game of perception and they have succeeded in painting such an image on Taib.

Not only in Sarawak, the game is now being played in Sabah and the ‘victims’ are Datuk Seri Musa Aman and brother Hanifah Aman.

With these perceptions, they gave out threats as though the public will support them and Najib has to ‘kowtow’ to their demands.

These threats and the manner they spin are as if they have all the voters backing them and Najib has none except the semi-dysfunctional MCA and dying Gerakan and unmoving MIC and the small parties in BN that are neither moving nor functioning well.

So that is how they psycho the voters – make Najib looks stupid and take advantage of the situation so that the Chinese can have more benefits and the Malays left behind so that the Malays would get angry and would not vote for BN.

So the pressure put on Najib now is actually ‘make believe’, nothing is real…just like the Malays say – gempaq – just to scare Najib and BN when the reality is DAP is losing the Malay support, PKR is losing the Malay support and PAS is distancing itself with its fundamentalists principles.

So in other words, DAP and PKR must continue spinning and threatening to the extent that voters believe that Najib and BN are losing credibility thus the oppositions have better leverage.



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