#DAPChuvanistCina : DAP Would Only Compete For 60 Seats? #pakdin.my

Seat distribution for the election for parties within Pakatan Rakyat still seems to be blurry even though Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim previously stated that the seat distribution is final.

And it seems that Anwar is lying, again.

From sources, we were told that PKR would compete for 66 seats. Meanwhile, PAS previously did announce that they would compete for 80 seats. But, according to calculation based on the previous GE, PAS could only put 66 seats, even then, they only won 22 seats.

Thus, if PAS would like to compete for 80 seats, it shows that PAS is still daydreaming.

We could also see how Hadi Awang seems to be really cautious when it comes to questions regarding seats, because had only mentioned that ‘perhaps 80 seats’, which means that the matter is still uncertain.

We do understand how Hadi Awang often tremble whenever DAP is mentioned. That is why Hadi do not dare to state the final number, but he only put an estimate the number of seats which PAS would compete in the coming GE. There is no way that Hadi would announce the final number without getting the blessings from DAP.

However, let us all put aside PAS’s fantasy and look at this matter with logic. Logically, PAS would only compete on 66 seats, and PKR had finalized that they would compete on 66 seats, which obviously, the rest 90 seats goes to DAP.

There is no way that DAP would only compete with 60 seats like what Lim Kit Siang told Malaysian Insider, if it is true, it means that PR would only compete on 192 seats overall.

Perhaps some might have believed DAP and PAS’s argument that it is BN’s evil speculation to break PR, but things that are mentioned here are based on logic and not fantasy.

Rakyat need to remember that DAP had competed for 47 seats during the last GE and won 28 from it, beating the numbers which the other two parties in the coalition. So, there is no way DAP would give min and provide more seats for the other two parties for the GE this time around.

Do believe this, just like what was stated by Lim Guan Eng during his debate with Chua Soi Lek recently, DAP would not accept the value of cooperation with PAS and PKR like how it is done by UMNO-MCA-MIC. Instead, DAP would ensure that their status would be a lot higher than their allies.

Thus, the struggle showed by DAP and PAS in mentioning the number of seats that they are competing for the next GE clearly proof that PR would have a huge internal crisis, which is the dilemma on DAP’s kiasu-ness and the push of majority (Malay voters).

What is certain is that their kiasu-ness (the attitude of being afraid to lose) clearly says everything about DAP.