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POLITIKDAP's Agenda To Christianize Malaysia Is Showing Success @dapmalaysia

DAP’s Agenda To Christianize Malaysia Is Showing Success @dapmalaysia

DAP Kristienkan Malaysia dengan bantuan PKR PAS

As DAP work hard to stress that Malaysia is a Secular State, their real agenda gets clearer where they want to abolish Islam clause as the official religion in this country as stated in the constitution. This means, the focus which is given to Islam in terms of preaching, dissemination as well as infrastructure and development might be swept away.

Automatically, other religion would get the same rights as Islam and cases regarding murtad can no longer be controlled.

There are still a lot of Malays out there can be easily influenced with claims saying that it is just UMNO’s propaganda.

Most of them refuse to accept the fact that ‘religion’ is part of DAP’s main agenda because they think that the Chinese are not too extreme when it comes to religion. Most of them don’t even practice the teachings of their religion such as saying their prayers. Besides that, Malaysians still think that most Chinese are Buddhists.

Thus, many doubt that DAP has anything to do with the murtad cases which is led by the Christians.

Fact is, the number of Chinese and Indians who chooses Christianity as their religion is increasing in Malaysia. Whatever their reasons may be, either they choose to be Christians because they really believe in its teachings, or just for the sake of escapism from their kasta issue, or just as a symbol of status thanks to the Western influence, is not important for us to look upon.

Unlike Islam where it does not segregate any race, Christians often show us color differences (among Chinese and Indians) just like how the blacks and whites in the West would go to different churches because they feel awkward to be in the same church.

However, the Chinese rarely announce their religion but the society often think that any Chinese which uses Western names are most probably Christians. Considering that DAP’s highest leader’s name does not have any Western influence in it, doubt among society regarding their involvement in murtad cases is understandable.

Perhaps that is why most Chinese bloggers like to push DAP leaders to announce their religion. The terms made by these bloggers include, DAP top leadership should use Chinese names even if they are Christians to ensure that they would still get support from orthodox Chinese. By doing so, they would also be able to hide their Christianity agenda from rakyat.

DAP’s Christian agenda, has been exposed, with the centre in Subang Jaya. These ‘preachers’ or con artists run their operation by providing ‘contributiuons’ before getting their targets to head to church. Few of their victims which has turn murtad, revealed how they were helped until they felt like they owe it to the church people, which then led them to convert themselves to become a Christian.

This group operates in a very organized way with funds channeled from a good administrative center. By calling themselves as Evangelist, it shows that they are Protestants, the sect which went through a lot of reform and comes with different versions, different than Catholics where they acknowledges the highest degree of the Pope, or the orthodox sect which is a lot closer to the original Christians.

One of the reports from website, AsiaOne Singapore in June 27, 2012, revealed how a few dubious financial transactions involving church in Kuala Lumpur like what was reported by the country’s Welfare Commission:

1. Donations worth S$2.1 million for the ‘Crossover Project’ to get people to convert to Christianity – was transfered from the US to City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya, from December 2007 to May 2010.

2. This donation is then transferred to various accounts for the same project. From April 2007 to March 2010, about S$600,000 and USD3 million was used for expenses for Mr. Kong Hee and his wife, Ho Yeow Sun which was unknown by most church members.

3. Donations for the funding of a church development project worth S$600,000 was transferred to various accounts for the same project.

DAP has been proven to be one of the important members in covering evangelists in Subang Jaya.

DAP leaders, such as Hannah Yeoh was exposed that she contributed fund from her constituency to a few Christian organizations such as RM3,000 – Kingdom Christian Fellowship Bhd in October 13, 2011, RM2,500 – Subang Jaya Assembly of God in May 12, 2011, RM5,000 – Evangelical Free Church Gospel Centre in January 17, 2012 and RM5,000 – Subang Jaya Pastors Fellowship Centre in 2010.

When the first murtad case came about, Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali and Nasharuddin Mat Isa were one of the few who expressed their worry over the operations ran by the church in Subang Jaya. DAP leaders then swiftly defended the church.

Not long after that, we saw how Hasan Ali was sacked from PAS and how Nasharuddin’s popularity went down.

A few other expose made by a few blogs regarding the pledge made by DAP in an event which was attended by a few Christian leaders in this region, to turn Malaysia into a Christian State. The pledge is consistent with Lim Guan Eng’s stand during his Christmas speech which wants to continue the fight to use kalimah Allah in the Bible.

This means, this is not just Muslim UMNO being paranoid. Instead, it is the truth that even non-Muslim bloggers could sense it. The only thing which cannot be accepted is when Muslims in PAS support this matter. With PAS’s help, it seems that DAP’s Christianization agenda might just be successful.



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