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DAP’s Indelible Ink : What goes around comes around


Is the Dap’s CEC re-election that was held on the 29th of September was “karma” getting back at the party because of their extreme action accusing and slandering other parties for not being transparent?

All this while, the DAP is so vocal in attacking and criticizing the SPR (Election Commission) and the Barisan Nasional government because of the electoral system. All of the DAP workforce were used to form a perception that BN and SPR were together in determining the results of the 13th General Election. The last election was branded as the most unclean election of all time and they were hoping that the people of Malaysia would join them in opposing the government.

They spread rumours that the election boxes were lost or replaced. They also lied to the people by saying that during the election there are power outages and the existence of phantom voters. They even added that the indelible ink used by SPR is delibel. It is also said that the Pakatan Rakyat won by the consensus of popular votes, and many other statement that could easily be refuted by any reasonable man.

However, all of this accusation is not sufficient to prove that the election was done badly. There are no cases of double voting because of the indelible ink or any voters being restricted from practising their right to vote. The 40,000 phantom is nowhere to be found. Plus, there are leaders from opposition who denied any power outages in any of the voting areas.

All of their drama was exposed as none of the PR leaders refuse to take oath in order to become a certified parliament member. They are really happy with their accomplishment. Even so, their effort to defame the government still continues up till today.

Meanwhile the Pakatan Rakyat themselves, including the DAP are facing tribulation as a result of their own election that was conduct in a confused manner. This particular situation becomes public when DAP’s delegates made a report to the ROS that they were denied their right to legally vote in the election.

Because of the re-election has been done on the 29th of September 2013.

The re-election shows that the DAP is doing all the thing that they accuse SPR and BN are doing.

DAP themselves use the service of phantom voters when the members that they have sacked can also votes, while 800 of the delegates that was supposedly eligible to vote, did not came to the CEC election and was considered as absentees.

If the DAP accused the SPR for not using quality ink and it is easily wiped out, then the ink used by the DAP are far more inferior to what was used in the 13th General Election. According to our sources, it can be easily wiped and it only took 5 minutes before the process even started. Most of the delegate’s fingers were clean even before they left the election hall

The reason why the organization secretary, Anthony Loke is that the party has already declared to the delegates that the ink was supposed to last for only two or three hours as the time period for the election was shorter than the general election. He also insists that, even though the ink was wiped out, there are no cases of double voting.

The same answered was given by the SPR when they were attacked by the DAP, but the DAP refused to accept it. Now, the DAP are requesting for everyone to accept their excuse and verbal guarantee that no fraud is committed by them.

It looks like the double standard of the DAP is a must in any situation and it has become a norm in anything related to the DAP. The party clearly has a big problem in being fair and transparent even though there were the one who screams out policies regarding fairness and meritocracy.

The fact of the matter is, the DAP will never be brave enough to compete fairly. Because of that, they are trying as hard as they can to ensure that the Bumiputera’s economy is left far behind and they will stop at nothing to ensure that this problem would never be solved. With this, the Chinese will always be ahead without having to compete in the same stage as other races.

It is clear now that the DAP is one of the most dirties party in Malaysia’s political history.

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