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POLITIKDAP's Project To Lure Malays Failed, Will Fall In 13th GE

DAP’s Project To Lure Malays Failed, Will Fall In 13th GE

The surprising decision that came from DAP’s Vice President, Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim in leaving the party was a very harsh blow but the incident was proved the party is truly racist and only focuses on Chinese Chauvinism.

Three years ago, DAP thought that their success in getting Tunku Aziz to join the party as their biggest success. He was then given a huge position in the party.

Three years later, Tunku Aziz’s decision in quitting became their biggest nightmare yet.

The former Chairman of Transparency International Malaysia left DAP when he realized that the party do not fight for the ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ model like what they have been chanting all these while. Instead, it is an anti-Malay party and it moves under a dictator.

This was proven when Tunku Aziz became the only Malay higher leader, and he did not get to be the Senator when he criticized BERSIH 3.0 Assembly.

Actually, he needs to be congratulated for his actions.

He had proven that DAP’s project in pleasing the Malays to support their party has come to a fail.

Only time would tell before other Malays would leave the party.

DAP who tried to come out as the fighter for Malays somehow has been revealed as a hypocrite.

Just look at the pictures of BERSIH 3.0 supporters who are now being hunted by the police, almost all of them are Malays.

Where are DAP supporters? DAP was not even in the front lines during BERSIH 3.0.

They used PAS and PKR as their mules.

While PAS and PKR took all of the impact from the riot, DAP is now seen as a party that is disciplined, obey the law and highly respectful.

Malay supporters from PAS and PKR somehow fail to see such hypocrite attitude from DAP and they even follow every single thing that the party asked them to do.

As long as Malays fail to realize how the situation is like how Tunku Aziz did, they would forever be used by DAP.

They only helped Malay a little in Penang, and in no time, all of ustaz in PAS and PKR leaders began to take DAP as the party that helps the Malay.

And just like that, they forgot all of UMNO’s contributions through Parti Perikatan and Barisan Nasional since the Independence where they brought Malay out from poverty and that Malays manage to live as a race that is independent and civilized, just like how it is now.

That is the fact that DAP is trying to hide and sadly, due to their cheap politics, PAS and PKR somehow burnt themselves to such racist Chinese party.

Now, DAP’s highest leader is anxious and scared because their anti-Malay agenda is now out.

The party do not dare to criticize Tunku Aziz’s decision but they tried to tell him to re-think about it.



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