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DAP’s Voting Fraud – Ambiga, Pak Samad, Why Shy Away? @dapmalaysia

ambiga-anwarxxEven if they want to cheat, they didn’t have to be that stupid. Even if they are stupid, how can they possibly missed thousands of votes?

That is the story with DAP CEC’s election which became a joke in this country. The reports on them published by alternative media were insulting, few of them include ‘Kisah Budak Darjah 4 DAP’, ‘Excel Pun Tak Tau Guna ka DAP?’ (‘The story of a standard 4 DAP’, ‘Don’t You Even Know How To Use Excel, DAP) etc.

No one can understand how can the first and second votes could have such a huge gap up to 500 that Vincent Woo went down from 6th place with 1,202 votes, to 26th with only 669 votes. And what kind of calculation did they apply that Zairil, from 39th, managed to beat Senator Ariffin S.M. Omar in 37th and Ahmad Ton in 38th.

Those who are involved mostly say ‘don’t know’ and ‘no comment’ when asked regarding this matter. DAP might have thought that after the resignation of Pooi Weng Keong, DAP’s Election Director, everything would be dandy. However, all of the sudden, his appointment was questioned because he only has SPM qualification and did not have the credibility to hold such position. Outsiders began to question, who appointed him, or why him? is it so that it is easier to make him as the scape goat?

It seems that Tun Mahathir had given the right description towards this stupidity where everything is just ‘ridiculous’.

The fact is, DAP is a dirty party, or just as dirty as PKR where even in their own party election, they could not handle it transparently. At least PKR members went up and protested the party election which ended up in chaos. But this did not happen in DAP because it is ruled with an iron fist.

That is how corrupt DAP is, the party did not even have to think for to cheat, if the result did not go as how the leader wanted it to be.

DAP might not realize that their lie is putting their friend, BERSIH in a tight situation. Let’s not forget that DAP was alongside Ambiga and Pak Samad when they marched demanding for a clean election, and now DAP seemed to have spit on Ambiga and Pak Samad for organizing one of the most dirty party election.

When the fact is, rakyat had seen DAP, BERSIH, PKR, PAS, as an entity in the context on BERSIH fight.

Thus, when DAP end up not being clean in their election, where would Ambiga and Pak Samad hide?

No wonder these two remained quiet. They knew that if they ever come out of hiding, they would be in huge trouble.

If they refuse to admit the fact that DAP is not clean, then we challenge them to come up during the coming Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat this January 12 which is said to be the sequel from BERSIH. We would like to see how far would they go in defending the thing which even they break.

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