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POLITIKDeepak Fell Into The Devil's Trap

Deepak Fell Into The Devil’s Trap

Konspirasi DeepakDespite of being involved in the business for years, and can be described as a successful businessman, only today Deepak Jaikishin learned something valuable in his life, ‘never make a deal with the devil’. Once we’re in it, we would have to pay them with our soul. Perhaps it is a little too late for Deepak to learn about this, but it is not too late for him to save his soul because he still haven’t make any deal.

Deepak should feel lucky for not dealing with the devil like how Zik Aziz or PAS now had to put aside all of their dignity, religion, race and country.

Actually, Deepak’s issue is not political. It is just an issue which involve business crisis and bank loans which did not go as planned. Sadly, Deepak’s business network which involves the government and friends of government leaders do not just provide him advantage, it also gives him troubles. He is seen as an easy target to be used for political interest of those who goes against the government.

Especially when the government’s enemy has links with sponsors which are among leaders who control the world politics and economy, so it is not hard for them to control Deepak’s companies around the world. Just put him in a tough spot and he would do anything to get out of it.

Then, just fabricate any documents or pictures, opposition supporters and rakyat would not think further and they would simply believe the matter.

This is what the opposition want, using Deepak as a took to create accusation, such as the purchase of jewelry by Datin Seri Rosmah.

However, like what was mentioned above, Deepak still haven’t make any deal with the devil, he only met for negotiations, which he rejected.

According to Deepak, everything began when he contacted Anwar Ibrahim during the month of Ramadhan to seek help regarding the payment issue by a company from the Middle East where Anwar knew the Chairman and the top management, personally.

Deepak also admitted that he met Anwar for three times and he had given all files regarding the case of Raja Ropiah. During the meeting, Anwar was said to be interested in getting more information on the relationship between Deepak and Dato’ Seri Najib and his wife, including their personal matters.

And knowing Anwar, promises and promises, he promised Deepak that he would bring the case to the Parliament within a month, press conference, and to solve the whole issue.

That however, never happened, perhaps because Anwar knew that the case is too weak.

Despite that, through Sivarasa, Deepak once again managed to meet Anwar on November 28 to discuss upon the same matter. This time, Anwar asked Deepak to link Dato’ Seri Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah on Raja Ropiah’s case and admit paying both of them.

However, Deepak did not do a he’s told. Instead, he told the truth, each of the business transactions which is based on the law and did not mention any of those names.

Obviously, Anwar sees Deepak as a traitor. Only two days after the incident, Anwar made a press statement denying the fact that he met with Deepak. This denial somehow left Deepak stunned because it is obvious that it is a lie.

Deepak also admitted that he had watched Anwar’s sextape and heard about Anwar’s sodomy trial. However, he took the measure of ‘understanding’ Anwar’s position to defend himself. Deepak even could accept Anwar as the next Prime Minister.

It seems, only Anwar’s lies woke Deepak up from his deep slumber. Anwar is somehow a nightmare that could destroy anyone’s life. Being friends with Anwar is a curse.

We do understand that Deepak is desperate to solve his business issues and we also understand that Anwar is desperate to win the coming election. Today, we can see that even though Deepak came up to tell the truth, Anwar still uses his name for political reasons. The question is, until when?

Whatever it is, Anwar’s effort in using Deepak to tarnish the image of Datin Seri Rosmah or Dato’ Seri Najib is coming to a dead end. The jewelry issue which is brought by Rafizi is too weak and stupid. Why would an invoice for a company is used as proof that the jewelry is given to Datin Seri Rosmah? Not just that it is irrelevant, how can he guarantee that the invoice was not fabricated just like the RM24 million ring issue or the superimposed picture of Altantuya issue?

Now that Deepak has learned his lesson, just like Dato’ Chandra Muzzafar, Ezam Md. Noor, Dato’ Zulkifli Noordin, Rahimi…and the list goes on…when would it be the time for the PKR’s milo boy, who knows.



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