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Deepak Finally ‘Comes Clean’ But Clogged With Dirt

deepak mediaDeepak Jaikishan has managed to turned himself into a ‘celebrity’, lately, when he accused the PM and wife as having something to do with his business going down, that is, by not helping him out.

If we go further back in the days when the PM, Dato’ Seri Najib, was still a DPM, Deepak’s name was mentioned as the ‘middle’ person in the murder of Altantuya, a Mongolian model said to be involved in the submarine scandal and alleged to be the mistress of the DPM.

Deepak denied almost immediately, and asked why would he meet the then DPM’s brother, Nazim, directly to do the dirty work of getting involved in handing over payments for the murder, when he had ready-servants to do it for him? He added that whatever relations he had with the PM and his wife was all about business and nothing more than just business. At the moment, Deepak spoke with an air of professionalism, a true honest businessman, a no-nonsense guy. Yes, he knows Bala but only briefly. Yes, Bala did ask for a favour and no, Deepak didn’t grant him one because he didn’t really trust him.

But that was then, when business was good.

Now some business deals turned sour and Deepak needs somebody to blame. Who is best to be blamed but those who had let him prosper in the first place? Deepak needs to recover his losses, and who else would be best to help him do that but those with power or those longing for power? So, Deepak sees the opportunity to kill two birds at once – by trying to squeeze up the PM, now Najib, and wife, just to test the water, while at the same time making ‘investment’ in the ‘future government’.

And that is why all of the sudden, Deepak is not afraid to come clean and expose the PM as the ‘real mastermind of the murder of Altantuya’.

Funny that he was afraid to do so when the PM was only a DPM. As Deepak had put it, the DPM then, has so much power to the extent that he could get away with murder. But now, when the DPM has finally become the PM, he somehow has lesser power that Deepak isn’t afraid of him anymore.

So here Deepak is, telling the world that the PM had actually ordered the murder of Altantuya.

This murder story was first made ‘popular’ by the Oppositions. And their version was that the PM’s wife herself was there at the crime, and that there were hard evidences, including on her shoes to confirm that she was there. It was said that she actually watched Altantuya being blown to pieces.

But then, there was this picture of the PM’s wife, along with statements and news on her breaking-fast with the orphans exactly at the time of the crime. And so, the story was ‘turned over’ and ‘around’ by the Oppositions, but never fade away.

There was also a badly, almost stupidly super-imposed picture of the PM sitting at a dinner table with Altantuya used by the Opposition as ‘evident’. But as the stupidity of the work was exposed, the story went around and around the mulberrybush again, whereby it’s not the PM that had a relation with the Mongolian beauty, but his aide, Razak Baginda instead.

But today, Deepak dropped a ‘bombshell’ on Razak’s head, saying that it wasn’t Razak who was involved in an affair with the deceased, because Razak is impotent – a fact that Deepak was too ‘kind’ to expose before. It wasn’t Razak, but the PM instead, said Deepak.

Obviously, Deepak is not as kind, as much as he is not as afraid of PM Najib.

As Deepak put it too, the MACC did not dare, the police did not dare, and of course, Azilah and Sirul (the convicts) did not dare to tell the truth before, that they were willing to take the blame on behalf of the then DPM.

But today, Deepak is blurting it all out, so confidently, even gracefully right on the face of the so-called most powerful PM and his ‘most evil’ wife. Suddenly Deepak is not scared anymore, he even looks as if he enjoys the ‘show’.

We have had enough of Bala’s, Raja Petra’s O-Turn, U-Turn or S-Turn and now, Deepak’s drunken turns about these stories that we are starting to get dizzy ourselves. Maybe Deepak should be tested for alcohol level before his statement is taken.

I’m sure that Deepak is too drunk to realize that if he made a turn, then he would have to make sure that it tallies with Bala’s and Raja Petra’s and even SUARAM’s and Tian Chua’s twists and turnings too. It has to be tallied with those stories about the submarine deals or it wouldn’t make any sense at all.

As for now, all the twists and turnings don’t seem to come close to the same road and until they do, Deepak story is as good as a bad fairy-tale. Or as good as SUARAM telling us that the PM will be subpoenaed anytime soon for the submarine case, when there really was no case at all.

SUARAM has apparently surrendered and gone into ‘hiding’ for shame. While Deepak is another shameless, desperate opportunist picking up the pieces from SUARAM’s failure.

It’s not just their stories that Deepak needs to tally with, but there is also a story from ‘the other side’, or the pro-government side.

Deepak needs to tell us how does his story coincide with Dato’ Zulkefli Nordin’s, Anwar’s ex-lawyer who had also represented both the convicts, Azilah and Sirul? Dato’ Zulkefli had exposed in his own blog and roadshows on how he changed his mind and decided not to defend the convicts after all.

Zulkefli, who now has left PKR, openly confessed how he was forced by Anwar to plant evidence and to tell Azilah and Sirul to point fingers to Dato’ Seri Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah as the person who ordered the murder. He couldn’t do it and was glad that there were concrete alibis for both, to justify his rebuff. Zulkefli is now grateful that Allah SWT ‘has taken’ him out of the dark for he has been Anwar’s hard-core supporter since the early days of Reformasi.

Zulkefli might have made a U-turn for that, but what makes his ‘turn’ different from those of Deepak’s, Raja Petra’s or Bala’s is that he sticks to it and never makes another turn again. Zulkefli didn’t lay low and come out only when necessary like those three, but he has been very consistent in exposing Anwar’s evil plans, actions and personality and makes it his personal fight to purify his soul.

As incredible and as unreliable Deepak’s stories may sound, it is even more incredible and unbelievable that there are people who would take his story seriously and believe it.

I mean, look at all the chronologies of lies made by the Oppositions through Bala, Raja Petra, Tian Chua, SUARAM and now Deepak. How could anybody still buy their lies?

Perhaps, it’s not just love that is blind, but hatred may be as blinding too. As much as love can make people do stupid things, hatred too can make people do idiotic things, like believing in some lies that are just too dumb and too loosely twisted, to be true.



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