Konspirasi DeepakThe carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan’s is not the end of Anwar Ibrahim’s attempts in trying to rundown PM Najib Tun Razak and obviously Deepak’s so-called confession is not the last.

Anwar will not stop until the voting day and even after that he will continue, unless of course, his opposition group wins and he becomes PM, the position he yearns so much that he is willing to sell anything and everything to be there.

Deepak in the meantime has got himself into a trap he could not get out despite his over confidence appearance when handling the press, of course la, the press owned by the opposition.

Thinking he had saved himself by revealing the purported truth – because those are his words that have yet to be ascertain – he had also revealed the ‘other truth’ in a video recording with, as he mentioned an Umno supreme council member and two bloggers, which contradicted his words with the press.

And since DAP and Karpal Singh had lodged a police report against him and the subject matter, alleged involvement of those people he mentioned, Deepak is going to undergo lots of questioning and this will be very interesting.

Expect Deepak to begin ‘turning around’ or begin meandering on his story so much so that he may lose the first part…unless he is being taught and remember the scripts prepared.

Deepak can be considered just like Anwar, a desperate man, but on different grounds. While Anwar is desperate to become PM to serve his foreign masters, Deepak is desperate to get the banks out of his back.

He wanted business and as usual, lobbied and spent lavishly to get his business, not on his own merit though if he had to spend (get what it means).

Of course, in business u get some projects and you lose some…nobody gets all the government projects despite spending money, wonder why this spending has to be done because this in reality defies others who are genuinely based on merits.

So Deepak got some and lost some but the lost were more than the ones he got and this had resulted in his going haywire trying to escape from being chased after by banks which may finally see him being made bankrupt.

To avoid being a bankrupt and he needs the money to pay and it was said Anwar promised to settle all his debts if he is willing to play the game – of course the political game where Anwar and gang have always pumping the issue – normal propaganda, lies will be seen as truth is told thousand times.

Deepak is now in the game despite him saying he is not being used nor being made a stooge to further Anwar’s propaganda.

Deepak knows he is in the game but he play dumb because he needs to save himself from being declared bankrupt and from losing face.

The police report by DAP and Karpal has actually not help him in anyway but instead put him deeper in the game where he can never get out unscathed…or he will never get out because Anwar will not let him out easily.