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Deklarasi Sepuluh Ringgit

Nak kelabu mata penganut Pakatun dan Protun. Sebenarnya berbillionboleh dibelanjakan oleh bekas kroni Mahathir dan berjuta dah dibelanjakan untuk Kelab Anti Najib.

Zaid makes a plea: Donate RM10 for Save Malaysia fund

The Save Malaysia movement is seeking financial help from the public to fund its operations, said one its members Zaid Ibrahim.

This, he said, would also help the group break the cycle of corruption in the country, where businesses give financial assistance in return for favours.

“We will not look for financial help from tycoons and the Jho Lows of the world for the simple reason that seeking ‘help’ from businesspeople in exchange for favours is the root cause of systemic corruption.

“(So) I call on the people of Malaysia to make a small personal commitment – even RM10 – to show that they care about our collective future,” he wrote in his blog today

He said he will provide more details about this later.

The group signed a Citizens’ Declaration last week pledging to oust prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and carry out institutional reforms.

Zaid said the group can also bring economic change to Malaysia.

“The movement can help stop the looming retrenchments. It can help ensure that our workers have decent jobs and are paid fairly.

“Save Malaysia can also stop the influx of more cheap foreign labour,” he said.

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