pas-kelantan-nik-azizNik Aziz Nik Mat has once again being stupid or senility has taken the better of him – he has label Umno as being communist – for rejecting Islam.

He claimed that Umno’s version of Islam was that the religion was unsuitable for Malaysia because the country had a multi-racial population.

“If that is so, what is the difference between Islam and the communists? The communists also built mosques, just like Umno, which is famous for building mosques. Hence, there is no difference between Umno and the communists,” he added.

And why he claimed that DAP was not communist because Chinese members and supporters from DAP had accepted Islam by wearing shirts with PAS logos on them.

“It means that Islam has been accepted not only in the peninsula, but also in Sabah and Sarawak,” he added.

This simply means that to Nik Aziz, Islam is centre on PAS logo and not the faith or iman in the hearts and minds of followers or acts of Islam in accordance to teachings such as donate, lessen the burden of people, uplift the people’s economic standings, build good infra-structure so that people can live comfortably, educate the people through better education system and so on.

But to Nik Aziz, all these are secondary because most important to him is people must wear T-shirts bearing PAS logo, then they are considered as have accepted Islam, regardless they drink beer and alcohol wearing the T-shirts with PAS logo, visit massage parlours wearing T-shirts bearing PAS logo, gamble in many of the gambiling outlets, legal or illegal, wearing T-shirts bearing PAS logo.

This is acceptable to Nik Aziz as long as they wear T-shirts bearing PAS logos. Umno and BN are unIslamic because they do not wear T-shirts bearing PAS logos.

Thus is the perception, view and opinion of an Ulamak called Nik Aziz Nik Mat, head of PAS Ulamak Council, who is getting more senile and more forgetting.

He is now going to the stage of being a kid, a cycle of a human from a baby to adulthood to man then back to adulthood and kid.

Termed senile, Nik Aziz is no longer a person that many respect as an Ulamak, someone that many refer to for advise and knowledge, as many around the country and even in Kelantan for that have seen the change in him as age catches up.

They have seen the man who claims to follow and possess the characteristic of Prophet Muhammad gets angry, saying vulgarity, labeling others as infidels and now alleging Umno as unIslamic.

They have doubted Nik Aziz’s ulamak standing and are now distancing themselves from him, quietly detailing the change to others by word of mouth.

This, with Nik Aziz’s mind that is devoid of worldly intelligence, will cost him the state of Kelantan.



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