Did Lim Guan Eng ‘Harrass’ Ng Paik Kheng? #pakdin.my

Ng Paik Kheng may be unknown to others. She is not a film star nor even an athlete. But there is something about her that will make her popular – even though it is not exactly celebrity popular.

It was foretold that Ng Paik Kheng was involved in a forbidden relationship with someone. Writer do not know who that person is but the relationship had annoyed ADUN Kota Laksamana from DAP, Betty Chew that she decided to ‘harrass’ the woman. Rumor said that the harassment somehow involved physical violence as well.

This issue has become one of the hot topics between DAP’s inner circle who are close with Betty Chew.

In the beginning, we are not that interested with Betty Chew’s issue with this woman. But somehow, the relationship involves a politician. We all know that politicians are just as same as celebrities where their privacy are owned by rakyat because rakyat are the ones who gave the the power.

And when physical violence is involved, obviously rakyat would need to know on what is really happening out there.

That is one matter, another thing is when we receive information saying that DAP’s propaganda team is tried their best to deny the existence of that woman. It was so bad that writer was informed that the picture and name of this Paik Kheng was changed to avoid people from knowing her real identity.

But we are good too. We have the real picture and name of that particular woman.

But somehow their effort has brought us to yet another question. They must be hiding something big. Because the last time they did such a thing was when one of Penang’s Chief Minister’s children were connected with an attempt to grope a female student’s breast in Penang.

In a way, DAP’s propaganda team would not be that hardworking is the case was not that serious and that it could affect the party.

Thus, writer think that it is wise Betty Chew come up with a press conference to explain this matter to the public. Is it true that she ‘harrased’ the woman in question? Because if that really happened, DAP would be in deep trouble, considering that they are proud with the concept of accountability and integrity.

No one can be above the law. Betty Chew should know about that. If Paik Kheng really broke the law, she should lodge a report to the police so that actions can be taken. Writer feels that most DAP members would advise her about the law, that is, if she understands it.

Unless, Paik Kheng’s actions had nothing to do with the law but it was more towards personal issue?

Whatever it is, we are not interested to talk about this issue from the angle of sensation, even though, it would really be interesting to follow the updates. All we know is, this law breaking actions were committed by a person who makes the law. Today it might be state law, perhaps in the future, parliament? This matter is not impossible, the fact that it happened in DAP, because the party is only controlled by a few leaders from their own families, then and now.

What would happen is the person who makes the law ends up breaking it?