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BERITAENGLISHDifference In Messages Given Between Dato’ Michelle Yeoh, Aishah And Dayangku Intan...

Difference In Messages Given Between Dato’ Michelle Yeoh, Aishah And Dayangku Intan #GE13

najib-port-klang-1The presence of Dato’ Michelle Yeoh in a program hosted by BN in Port Klang yesterday seem to have injected more spirit of unity among Malaysians. Around 60,000 were said to have attended the program, putting BN in a comfortable seat facing GE13.

In another angle, we see Dato’ Michelle Yeoh’s presence as fulfilling the current political trend in Malaysia, the ‘competetition’ between political parties by gaining support among celebrities as well as Ulama.

PAS is often proud as the party often gather ‘religious figures’. However, today we saw how those ‘uneducated’ Ulama all beginning to reject PAS, some even made a fatwa claiming it is haram to support PAS. And now, most young religious intellects are beginning to join UMNO as they reject PAS.

Meanwhile, problematic celebrities now somehow seem ‘exited’ to join PAS and later act as if they are the Ulama, describing those who do not support PAS, as stupid, misguided and kafir, only following the teachings of PAS.

From there, most ‘Ulama’ in PAS today are mostly alumni from Pakistan and India and not from the highest ranked religious university in the world. Other than them, more religious students who either do not pass their exams, or even have any permanent job, starts to use titles such as ‘ustaz’ or ‘ulama’, just because they studied religion.

Ulama who support UMNO are mostly those who have high qualifications and proven because UMNO as the government would not just acknowledge anyone as Ulama based on its opinion. As real Ulama, it is not surprising why they do not gain much limelight and became ‘celebrities’ unlike the religious group from PAS. Only those who are given the responsibility to help the government would come forward to respond and resolve all the wrong guidance caused by the opposition.

The same thing goes to celebrities who support the government, most of them, are celebrities that are successful and respected. They include Dato’ Michelle Yeoh, and international actress. Dato’ Michelle Yeoh was one of the famous ‘Bond girls’, a Geisha’ in Memoirs of a Geisha as well as playing the role of Suu Kyii in the film,’The Lady’, are few Malaysian who never asked about what the country has done to her, instead, she stayed loyal to the country. She knows that her status, success and the respect she received all came from the good life she has in this country.

MICHELLE Yeoh ketika menyampaikan ucapan pada Majlis Mesra Bersama Perdana Menteri dan Majlis Makan Malam di Pelabuhan Klang.

Thus, Dato’ Michelle Yeoh yesterday, full of exuberant, without any text, urged rakyat to keep on supporting Dato’ Seri Najib as Prime Minister for his determination and sincerity in leading the country towards transformation, upgrades as well as driving Malaysia towards a new, more developed era.

As a person who has traveled around the world, Dato’ Michelle Yeoh certainly speaks based on her experience and she does not need to please anyone. She gain her success through hard work. In facing the entertainment industry, she passed out a few times as she did her stunts, to build her name as a respected actress.

Her perseverance and determination should be an example for all. She can never be where she is right now if all she want is to be ‘famous’, like most of our celebrities. She never even give up or blame anyone in her career. She also never insulted and forget this country even when she is at the peak of the international stage.

This is the kind of artist which we can respect, instead of respecting artists who are still nowhere, haven’t even work for anything, but already surrounded by disappointments and start to blame others as well as the government over their misfortune.

These are the celebrities who join the opposition, the ones who blame the government as their child do not perform their prayers, celebrities blaming the government as they do not receive any projects. These bunch deserve no respect, instead, they need more guidance. Sadly, PAS has not done that, instead the party place them as leaders, by making them candidates, to represent rakyat.

Thus, rather than listening to Aishah or Dayangku Intan, it would be better for us to cheer on the messages given by Dato’ Michelle Yeoh. At least she has the credibility to give people advice, and she did not misguide us as she did not talk about religion. That is better than those who use the name of Islam to fight, but all they do is disunite the ummah day and night.



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