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BERITADifferent Independence Day Theme: PR Is Not United

Different Independence Day Theme: PR Is Not United

As Pakatan Rakyat (PR) screams at the theme ‘55 Tahun Janji DiTepati’ (55 Years Promises Kept) which was introduced by the government because it really hit them, Kedah PR government has now come up with their own theme, ‘55 Tahun Terus Berbakti’ (55 Years Of Loyal Service) since July 17.

But it seems that their efforts is not acknowledged by PR leaders and they ended up ignoring it. PR leaders had come up with the theme ‘Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa’ (One Race, One Country, One Soul) as their official Independence Day Theme for Selangor, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan. This means that Kedah was somehow ‘forgotten’ and they might ended alone, in forms of having different theme with other PR states.

It looks like even finding a theme is a struggle for Pakatan Rakyat. If it is really hard for them to synchronize four states, how could they manage the whole Malaysia of they are in power?

This is what would happen if each three parties feel like they are the backbone of PR and no one respects anyone.

But, we understood that PR ignored Kedah’s theme because words that brings the meaning ‘service for rakyat’ really scares PR.

From one angle, the definition of ‘loyal service’ is not that far from ‘promises kept’, especially when it is included with the number 55 years.

This is because not that PR know that the one which had provided loyal service to Kedah and Malaysia as a whole for 55 years is BN or Parti Perikatan and not PAS, DAP, PKR.

After not even a full term of ruling Kedah, PAS had not given anything to rakyat. Instead, they only added more problems to rakyat with the ‘developing’ entertainment and karaoke centres.

Whatever it is, their struggle to choose the right theme proves how fragile their coalition is. This issue also triggers because PR has never promoted patriotism, that is why choosing the Independence theme is very tough for them.

All these while, we kept on hearing how PR leaders kept on mocking Malaysia. They even described Malaysia as the earth’s hell, saying as if Malaysia is the worst place to be.

This shows that they never really love this country or even be at least grateful for all the peace and harmony which this country has.

The fact is, not only PR is an agent of destruction, they also could not work as a single party. Up until today, after a full term ruling in four states, PR still maintained as three parties with thee different ideologies and principals. That is why they can never really unite to create our Independence Day theme.

What sort of fate lies for rakyat if the party is unpatriotic, not united and fights against unity among rakyat as mandated by rulers of Malaysia?






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