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Disaster For PAS In Kelantan

Most PAS leaders still think that Kelantan is the main arch for them, the people would die for them and that the rise of UMNO can never hurt them and loyalty of rakyat towards Nik Aziz as the greatest PAS leader.

Least that is what they are saying to rakyat through their endless ceramah.

Lets look at these two examples which happened in about a little more than a month. These examples would show how PAS shackled their supporters especially among Kelantanese voters to vote for them.

In May 12, 2012 in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, former Selangor PAS Commissioner, Dr Hasan Ali in one of his roadshow series managed to attract more than 3,000 people which were mostly PAS supporters at Pasir Puteh.

Even though a few banners and posters that tells the time and venue of the ceramah went missing a couple of days before the event, it still went with great success.

Meanwhile, a ceramah that was attended by PAS’s Vice President, Mat Sabu, a person that usually attracts least four to five thousand people in his events, other PAS leaders as well, has now gone sour among Kelantanese supporters.

In March 29, 2012, Mat Sabu and a few Pasir Puteh PAS’s leaders organized a ceramah at the Pasir Putih District hall but the attendance was quite sad. It was only around 30 people.

This is quite rare considering that usually their ceramah would gain at least 100 people, except for UMNO states.

Even when Nik Aziz was going through his dark days he would get at least 5,000 people compared to 10,000 regulars, but Mat Sabu managed to break the record as the first PAS leader who had 30 people listening in his ceramah.

3,000 and 30 is a huge gap. A big disaster for PAS Kelantan especially we are getting near towards the 1th General Election. This is one of the signs that shows that PAS is dying and they would be facing tough challenge for the coming election in Kelantan.

There are a few things that we need to bear in mind. The signs of declining supports to PAS Kelantan is getting clearer since their close win in Manek Urai election a few years ago, followed by the red wave in the election at Galas which brought PAS down about more than a year and a half ago.

And what had happened at PAS’s briefing ceremony in Pasir Puteh in March was just the sequel of the decline that PAS is facing through now. If this goes on, things would be very bad for PAS and Nik Aziz.

It is not impossible that in the coming GE, result of PAS Kelantan might just change. Even if they could stay in Kelantan, it might face the situation in 2004 where they barely rule the state.

Mat Sabu di Pasir Puteh 29/3/2012

Hasan Ali di PAsir Puteh 12/5/2012

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