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POLITIKPILIHAN RAYADissolved: Proven That PR Is Scared

Dissolved: Proven That PR Is Scared

azizan-terjatuh-selepas-mohon-perkenan-bubarWhile waiting for the Prime Minister to announce the dissolution of Parliament, Pakatan Rakyat was the one which seemed most anxious. Dozens of speculations were made regarding why the Parliament was still yet to be dissolved even though before this they were the one who were in rage of the Prime Minister speeds up election.

PR accuses the Prime Minister as scared, unprepared, some even imagined that Prime Minister intentionally delaying the dissolvement because he wants to trigger chaos> It seems that PR is going crazy.

At the same time, PR did not even dissolve the DUN at states led by them. As they went around saying that they are convinced that they are able to win in more states, they kept on waiting until the parliament is dissolved.

In the end, what PR has been waiting for finally happened yesterday.

We thought that PR would take it as ‘something expected’, instead, PR claimed that the dissolvement only happened because PM has been receiving a lot of pressure from many sides. Only after PM announced the dissolvemet, PR announced theirs.

With that, we cannot understand when was the right date in the eyes of PR for PM to announce the dissolvement. What we see is, if it’s early it’s wrong, late is also wrong.

This is what happens when PR is really running out of ideas at the last minute. All of their bomb have been used and it did not benefit them at all. And in the end, when the real war begins, they had to fight without any weapons, all they can do is just mock and mock and mock.

The kalimah Allah issue which was hoped to be the weapon to drag non-Muslim voters away from BN has backfired. The Lahad Datu issue which was expected to be a nuclear bomb destroying BN, only increased unity, making BN stronger. Other issues such as Altantuya, scorpene and EC for instance, have been resolved with PR losing badly.

Fact is, PR’s prediction on GE day was wrong. They have been campaigning for four years, everyday, non-stop. Throwing accusations, playing with weak issues should definitely be tiring. This is because most of the stories they brought up somehow change from time to time to ensure that it stays relevant.

Finally, the strategy to confuse rakyat to raise support has gotten PR confused.

Thus, the one who is scared, is not BN, but PR themselves. That is why they did not have the guts to dissolve DUn at their states a lot earlier.

We know that PR still could not settle the issue of candidates and seats. We always hear complains regarding Anwar Ibrahim being a dictator, Lim Guan Eng’s arrogance as well as Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz being stupid.

PAS is never respected in Penang and Selangor. DAP is not respected in Kedah, PAS Kelantan obeys to DAP Perak that they even gave them land in kelantan. Not just that, logs in Kedah is almost finished, water supply in Selangor is drying up, lands in Kelantan are given away and the only one who is not losing anything is DAP Penang and they are busy implementing unnecessary mega projects, and not being transparent.

It is clear, PR is nervous to face the election. Their divide and rule tactics by spreading racism, only brought to a stronger unity among Malaysians.

Too bad for PR, as the war comes, all they can do is just play with the ‘parliament dissolvement’ issue.



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