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BERITADong Zong Is Not Anti-Government, They Are Anti-Malay

Dong Zong Is Not Anti-Government, They Are Anti-Malay

The 1125 Rally, organized by Dong Zong to oppose the National Education Plan was attended by about 7,000 supporters. Chinese newspapers reported an attendance of 10,000.

Whatever the real number is, Dong Zong is certainly getting more and more active in demanding for various exclusive rights which is said that it is to defend and improve the level of Chinese education for Chinese.

Even though it has been proven that the government has never ignored vernacular schools, Dong Zong still remain unsatisfied when the new education plan focuses on injecting patriotism for students through the national language.

For Dong Zong, the addition in time periods for Bahasa Melayu subjects threatens Mandarin language. It seems that Dong Zong still want to ensure that Chinese will never be able to be fluent in our national language and that they would remain separated from our society in this country. Even from their previous demands, it clearly shows that Dong Zong really insist in separating Chinese away from the national aspiration by fighting for examinations which does not follow rules and regulations which has been set by the Education Ministry.

It is clear that Dong Zong refuse to obey the government.

Despite that, the organization seems really rude when they demanded for the same treatment as regular Sekolah Kebangsaan. Why would the rich keep on asking for things?

As usual, the opposition would try to get into the issue to gain bit of benefit through the rally, such as PKR, DAP and even PAS. But the attendance of Kota Kecil MCA Branch Chairman, Tai Foo Him only makes this racist agenda clearer.

According to Dong Zong, the organization is not anti-government. Perhaps the statement is quite true.

Dong Zong is not anti-government. Instead, they are anti-patriotic only because Malaysian aspiration is based on Malay identity. Dong Zong do not want their children to be all Malaysian like one of our respected leaders, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye who they think has been ‘Malay-ed up’.

For the Chinese, being ‘Malay-ed up is an insult because it only means that they are obeying to Malay. Their kiasuness do not allow them to listen to no one. Considering that they really look down upon Malays, having Malays as the core government to this country only rages Dong Zong.

Thus, Dong Zong want to show the Malays which is the government, that they have more power and that they are the masters of this country. Dong Zong is not interested with our unity, cooperation, tolerance and respect because to them, Chinese should get more than that.

With that, Dong Zong is taking full advantage of the coming GE to show their power and to challenge the government.

However, we believe, if each of their demands are followed by the government, Dong Zong would still remain unsatisfied, as long as the leadership of this country is in the hands of Malays.



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