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BERITANASIONALDong Zong Taking Baby Steps towards 1Malaysia

Dong Zong Taking Baby Steps towards 1Malaysia

najib dong zong 1Many are skeptical about Dong Zong’s invitation for the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak to visit its Chinese New Year Open House in Kajang today. Some even suspect it to be a nasty strategy to embarrass the Prime Minister. Some, even worried for the PM’s safety.

It is also reported that Dong Zong too, invited Anwar Ibrahim to the function. Although we welcome the idea of having the two ‘enemies’ together in a harmonious celebration, we are skeptical that it is an act of ‘openness’, nor is it an innocent co-incidence, on the part of Dong Zong.

However, as the PM has agreed to attend the function in good faith, so, we, as rationale Malaysian, should have taken his move as an example. It’s best to not be prejudice about the whole event and hope that Dong Zong has enough morale value to not invite the PM who has accepted their invitation in good faith, just to deceive him.

Dong Zong has been very hostile with the government, or the Malays, to be exact. Dong Zong has never accepted the fact that they have to oblige to the common law of the rest of the society, that is to uphold Malay language as their first language, English as second and Mandarin as third. Dong Zong has been hammering the government into giving them a permanently ridiculous privilege of building another ‘China inside Malaysia’ – meaning having separate schools and universities just for the Chinese, that have nothing to do with the national education.

Certanily, there is just no way that the government, or any government at all in the world, would ‘kow-tow’ to this NGO’s ridiculous demands.

Despite millions of ringgit being contributed by the government to this ridiculousness of separating the races in schools, it is never enough for Dong Zong.

Yet, the government refuses to fight fire with fire, and in every way, is trying as best to consider the demands just to keep things in order which is never appreciated by Dong Zong.

But their appreciation is not what we are expecting for because it’s just impossible for a ‘kiasu’ to appreciate anybody but their own.

The only thing the government is hoping for is for Dong Zong to finally understand and learn the skills to live in a multiracial country, that is, to accept the fact that they are in a Malay majority country and that the Malays are the original residents. We also hope that Dong Zong would finally learn about good values like respect and toleration, and also appreciation – or how to say ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and even ‘excuse me’, towards different races.

The people sees Dato’ Seri Najib willingness to attend Dong Zong’s event despite all sorts of skeptical theories being around, as an act of valor, a true leader, a sincere, almost humble personage.

On the other hand, we see Anwar’s response to Dato’ Seri Najib’s attendance as an act of boast, and hypocrisy.

When asked about the probability of running into the PM at the same event, Anwar had spoken very boldly about the Pakatan Rakyat’s recognising the Chinese independent schools’ Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and pointed out that the PM might only be responding to it a month before the general election. What do expect from Anwar but turning everything, including Chinese New Year celebration into a political contest.

But then, for him to choose the subject of UEC as a ‘point’, is like shooting his own foot.

Anwar was known to be a Malay champion since his early days in UMNO. He was not very shy of showing-off his ‘racist’ side when speaking to the Malay youths way back in the 70s when he was just a student and all the way through to the 90s.

It is a known facts to all political observers that the Biro Tatanegara (BTN) was ‘owned’ by Anwar for he had turned it into a platform to glorify himself as the Malay champion. Through BTN, he was able to ‘recruit’ many youngsters to be his loyal followers by portraying the image of a Malay hero. Of course, this, could only be achieved by instilling ‘racism’ at the same time.

In a BTN’s program in Langkawi, 2nd December 1993, Anwar had stated it out loud that the Chinese, the Indians, are immigrants and that we should never tolerate any demands of these quarters to sideline any clauses in the constitution or the social contracts which spells the exclusive privilege of the Malays.

If it were up to Anwar, and not the former Prime Minister at the time, Tun Mahathir Mohamed, we foresee the Chinese and the Indians would be far from where they are today.

That was history, and today, history has also recorded Anwar’s changes of stance, views and personality. But ‘changes’ may not be the exact definition of what is happening to Anwar now. Perhaps, the word ‘varieties’ of stance, views and personality, would be more accurate.

Anwar is now showing Dong Zong his ‘chinese-friendly-loving’ side, but try to follow him to his talks in Kedah, or Kelantan or at any given Malay majority area, Anwar would then show his ‘Malay champion’ side where he would tell the Malays that he is not a leader where the Chinese can expect to even voice ridiculous demands like what Dong Zong is doing to the PM.

And try follow Anwar to an Indian majority area, you would be able to witness how he turned into a ‘Sivaji the Boss’, if not the Tamil’s legendary hero, MGR, in a blink.

Or, follow him to the US, you would see a ‘Malay-looking Jewish’ speaking as a true democrat, a liberal to the core, who believes in total freedom and the rights of Israel to occupy the land of the Palestinians and that the killing of the Palestinians are collateral damage.

Anwar had even become a Huguan Siou of the Kadazandusun’s, where he played the role as the champion of the Christians!

With these knowledge in mind – the history recorded and being recorded, it would be a joke for Dong Zong to even think of giving support to Anwar, instead of Dato’ Seri Najib in the next election.

And therefore, we would like to believe that Dong Zong had invited the Prime Minister to their CNY’s celebration, in good faith too. This may be the NGO’s beginning to open up to the facts and reality – that the Chinese is never in threat of losing their roots under the BN’s administration and that the BN has never and will never abandon them.

We too, would like to wish Dong Zong a Happy Chinese New Year! We would be more than happy to welcome the Dong Zong into our ‘world’, should Dong Zong be more flexible to learn the skills of living together and be united, in a true sense.



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