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BERITADong Zong’s Apartheid Agenda

Dong Zong’s Apartheid Agenda

Dong Zong is really starting to scare the rational Chinese, anger the Malays and annoy all the peace-loving, patriotic Malaysians. We know for a fact that not all Chinese are as racist as Dong Zong’s. Most Chinese have already accepted the fact that they are Malaysians and to fight for a ‘new China within Malaysia’ like Dong Zong, is simply ridiculous.

The government has fulfilled or at least tried to fulfill most of Dong Zong’s demands no matter how unpractical and risky they are. The Education Ministry had even approved a Chinese Independent High School to be built in Kuantan even though it defies our national aspiration by further segregate the Chinese from other races and increase racial prejudice.

However, nothing would be enough for these Chinese extremists. Not until they could create an apartheid system like what Africa had once endured where the people were separated by colours and segregated in schools, beaches, public transport and etc. With that, whoever has the economic power would automatically be the supreme power and automatically so, the less fortunate or the weak would be forced to settle for less and suffer.

Clearly, Dong Zong are determined to take advantage of the economic power hold by their race to accommodate their selfishness by practicing the apartheid system in Malaysia.

The way Dong Zong pressures and threatens the government on their racist agenda mirrored the true heartlessness of the communists and the underworld gangsters that the Chinese are so popular of. Therefore, how could we guarantee that giving-in to their apartheid system would do the country no harm?

The latest demand by Dong Zong takes their racism to a higher level. These extremists are now demanding that the students in the Chinese Independent Schools should not be required to sit for SPM. At the moment, they have a choice of not sitting for the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) in from 6, if they have gone through SPM. But the government is concerned that without SPM, they will only have UEC which might be a problem for them when looking for jobs in Malaysia.

But surely, it is not of Dong Zong’s concern as the job market is controlled by the Chinese. Should the students are not able to speak their national language due to this, then be it, as this is exactly what Dong Zong is trying to achieve – a whole new unpatriotic generation who would one day create a new China within Malaysia.

If that is not racist and crazy enough, Dong Zong is also demanding that the teachers in the Chinese independent school should not be based on SPM and PMR qualifications. Instead they only accept teachers with full Chinese qualification or in other words, they reject the national education system totally.

This racial, selfish, madness of Dong Zong seems to be unending and for the government to even listen to these extremists, raises questions among ordinary Malaysians.

For Malaysia to have different schools for different race is bad enough, which no country in the world would allow such thing. And to let some extremists reject the national education system totally, is just unthinkable.

It is not an option for any party, groups or individual to defy and deny all the important things that make them Malaysian – the national language and the education system.

For Dong Zong to even demand things like that, shows how little respect they have towards the government and how they have never loved this country but have been longing for ‘China’ all their lives.

Dong Zong is a threat to the country like all extremists are. The government should stop their madness once and for all as there are limits to everything even anger and madness. Some may not be able to control their anger when seeing all these madness. So, be alert that Dong Zong may have triggered a time-bomb and that all time-bombs are scheduled to explode sooner or later.






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