Doubts On PM’s Future In-Law And His Mother

Two days ago, the issue on a man who would be PM’s future son-in-law went up.
All thanks to reports from which was then picked up by Malaysiakini and Harakahdaily.
New York Post who began to raise the issue placed the story at the section where Gossip / Sports / Entertainment / Photos were used as their tagline.
Everyone knows that gossip means things that are not as true. And the most important factor in gossip is exaggerating, because that is how they sell news.
Regarding on the news that was published by Malaysiakini, it is not something weird because we know the relationship between them and a few Americans who became their main source when it comes to funding in efforts to bring down the government.
I do not intend to defend the Kazakhtan man. I have never known him. But if it is true that the case has now gone to court, let them do the verdict.
But, after reading what was written in the website, translated by harakahdaily, there are a few things that we need to go through.
It is quite funny reading through what harakahdaily had translated. This include:
But, Maira,50 is now living with her son in a condo, The Plaza, which has four rooms, 4,000 square foot in size, complete with 3.5 bathrooms.
3.5 bathroom?
The 0.5 is probably meant for peeing…or for the use of the man that looks almost as same as Azmin Ali.
Gossip is one of the main ingredient in the website. And that is why we can question things that they have wrote.
This case is not more than one of those gossips on people who are divorced. Like any other stories we may have heard about celebrities. As for this case, the divorcee is an individual who had a relationship with the President of Kazakhstan and the one who would have ties with Malaysian PM.
The fiance of PM’s daughter is a man in his 20s, was accused of cheating his father in purchasing a luxury condo.
In logic, his step father is a wealthy man and a brother to a President of a country, is he that blunt that he could be cheated by a kid?
It is not impossible that the condo was given to the kid when his step father and his mother was still together.
And once they broke up, well, you know what happens. Disaster. They would be defensive in everything and began to attack one another. One example, the Malaysian celebrity who was married to one of our national footballer. When they were married, everything is beautiful, but once everything is over, Melodi TV3 became their battleground.
The second example would be the time when Adun Pas Melor’s ex-wife started to reveal her husband’s corruption habit where he has assets worth millions which he puts on other people’s name. All that happen right after they were divorced. Unable to handle such thing, the Adun Pas Melor decided to get injunction to stop the media from making any coverage on the trial of his divorce.
Then there is the story where the kid was cheating on his school certificate to enable him to enter Columbia University. The university is listed as one of the best in the world. Which means, it is not that easy for one to get in it. Logically, how can such university get cheated by a kid?
Then, the issue of using his father’s surname, Nazarbayez. His mother was said to have changed the name right after marrying his step father in 2001.
Why wasn’t this issue raised along the 11 years of his mother and his step father’s marriage was still on? Only after they got a divorce, disaster. That is why we can say that all these started due to the break up.
In most of the stories told, one of them that really did not make sense was that the mother of PM’s future son-in-law, Maira, was said that he is wanted by Kazakhstan’s authority and the Interpol because she was involved in criminal cases including kidnaping.
Well, this is how it is…
Datuk Najib is a PM. Every single move in his life is controlled by the security team, Strangers would need to be checked thoroughly before they meet the PM. In a way, the life of his family is not as free as ours. If the security team says no, then they cannot do anything about it.
Even to choose an election candidate, a detailed background check need to be done. Especially police records. PM would have to go through the details on each of them. Don’t you think PM and his security team haven’t make any background checks on Maira and her family members?
Datuk Najib has a good relationship with the President of Kazakhstan. Last year, he made a visit to the country and this year, the President of that country came to visit this country. In the meeting, obviously Datuk Najib must have mentioned that his son-in-law is from that country, and probably how the kid and PM’s daughter might have met. Well, that is how things usually go.
But if his mother is a wanted criminal, wouldn’t the President, as a friend, would have told Najib about it?
Being in the wanted list of Kazakhstan’s authority and Interpol…
Malaysia is a country that has a diplomatic relationship with Kazakhstan and even the RMP is part of Interpol. During the engagement ceremony, Maira was there and the ceremony was even covered by the media, why wasn’t there any orders of arrest for her?
The opposition might argue that Datuk Najib might have stopped that from happening. It would be a great disaster to Malaysia and the PM if we ever stop Interpol’s wanted criminals from being arrested in our country. If Najib ever stopped that, the President of Kazakhstan might have not even come and visit this country and diplomatic ties would be broken. There is no way and it is illogical for Datuk Najib to stop it because it would tarnish the image of this country and himself.
Another funny part is that when New York Post mentioned that Maira and his son has a condo at The Plaza. This means that everyone know where they live. Hoe come American police did not make any arrest?
We cannot blame New York Post in this matter. They labelled their portal as a gossip portal. And gossip is just another way to gain readers. Obviously, this issue is just another divorce issue.
Beginning with the claim made from the opposition saying that PM had used the government’s money to visit Kazakhstan for his daughter’s engagement ceremony. The fact is, the engagement ceremony was held in KL. And our PM went to Kazakhstan for a conference which the country was chosen as the host.
The came the issue of the ring which was sent to his future in-law (Maira) which she was in KL to settle for the engagement of their children which had the address of Seri Perdana for the parcel/ It was then said that the ring belongs to PM’s wife and it is valued at RM24 million.
Then the issue where Najib used the government’s money for the engagement ceremony. He used his own money!
And now, issues that his future son-in-law cheated and his mother is a wanted criminal.
Whatever it is, as Malaysians, we hope that PM and his family would be patient in this matter. This is all just part of the challenge in being a leader.